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Basic Information

Name: Eolande, the Sword of Alessandra
Alignment: Neutral Good
Associated Symbols: A sword split vertically, one side golden and the other Silver
Domain: Life, Light
  Eolande, the Sword of Alessandra, is a luminous deity known for their embodiment of life and light. Inspired by the Proto Indo-European H₂éwsōs, they serve as a beacon of hope and unity in the realm of deities, wielding a symbolic sword that stands for truth, clarity, and the balance of life.   This dazzling sword, split vertically with one side golden and the other silver, represents the duality of existence. The golden side of the sword symbolizes life, renewal, and the warmth of the sun, while the silver side represents wisdom, mystery, and the cool luminescence of the Moon.  

Historical Influence

Approximately 1526 years ago, the Feywild transformed into the Moonwilde, creating a crystal sphere that triggered a cosmic imbalance, resulting in the catastrophic event known as the Extinguishment of the Stars of Power. This shift drastically diminished the presence of celestial energy, leading to a decline in Eolande's influence.   The worship of Eolande fell out of practice, their temples fell into ruin, and the cosmic balance they represented was lost. However, centuries later, these abandoned temples were discovered by cultists who began a bastardized worship of Eolande, misconstruing their message of balance and harmony for their own purposes.  

Worship and Followers

Eolande's followers are typically those who seek balance and truth in their lives. They consist of healers, scholars, and those who venerate the natural cycle of life and light. Prior to the Extinguishment, entire societies would gather during the dawn and dusk, the times when light and life were in perfect balance, to honor Eolande.   However, the recent cultists who practice a twisted form of Eolande's worship have tainted the deity's reputation. They believe in exploiting the power of life and light for personal gain, a stark contrast to Eolande's teaching of harmony and balance.   Eolande observes these misguided worshipers with a sorrowful heart, yet hopes for their eventual enlightenment. They believe that with time and guidance, these misguided souls can be steered back towards the true path.  

Powers and Abilities

Clerics of Eolande, who maintain the traditional worship, are granted divine abilities to heal and protect. They can call upon the radiant energy of the golden side of Eolande's sword to mend wounds, cure diseases, and bring back the dying from death's door.   From the silver side, they gain the power to illuminate the darkest of places, dispel illusions, and reveal truths hidden in shadows. The most powerful among them can even call forth a dazzling blade of pure light to vanquish their foes.  

Relationships with Other Deities

Eolande maintains a neutral relationship with most deities, always advocating for equilibrium. However, they hold a particular resentment for those deities who reveled in the cosmos's imbalance and the Extinguishment of the Stars of Power. Eolande continues to rally other deities to restore the balance and reignite the extinguished stars.  

Challenges and Conflicts

With the bastardized worship and the imbalance of the cosmos, Eolande faces a significant challenge in regaining their former influence and restoring equilibrium to the universe. They tirelessly work to correct the misconceptions spread by the cultists and to reestablish their true teachings among the populace.Eolande's ultimate goal is to reunite the Moonwilde with the Feywild, repair the crystal sphere, and restore the celestial energy that was lost during the Extinguishment of the Stars of Power. This quest is monumental and fraught with resistance from forces that thrive in the current imbalance.   The cultists, with their bastardized beliefs and practices, pose a significant obstacle. They have spread misinformation about Eolande's teachings, causing confusion and mistrust among potential followers. Eolande has been working to correct these misconceptions and guide these misguided followers back to the path of balance and truth. This is a slow and challenging process that requires patience and understanding.   In addition, Eolande is in conflict with deities who profited from the imbalance in the cosmos. These deities, now more powerful due to the Extinguishment, are reluctant to return to the old balance and are a constant thorn in Eolande's side.



Sword (Vital)

Towards Alessandra




Master (Vital)

Towards Eolande




In the grand tapestry of Rolara's lore, the threads of Alessandra, the Golden Empress, and Eolande, the Moon's Healer, intertwine in a dance as ancient as time itself. Born of the same celestial lineage, they were as different as day and night, yet bound by a connection deeper than any mortal could comprehend.   Alessandra, the radiant sun deity, was a beacon of knowledge and protection. Her heart burned like a golden flame, driving her to free humanity from its chains and enlighten the world with the wisdom of the Elves. Armed with the legendary Solinvictus, she sliced through the darkness of ignorance, allowing the light of knowledge to flood the world. Yet, her fervor and trickery drew the ire of the Elves, who saw her actions as theft. This left a strain on her relationship with her sister, Eolande.   Eolande, in contrast, was a being of tranquility and balance. As the deity of Life, Healing, Nature, and the Moon, she was a soothing presence in the face of Alessandra's fiery spirit. Eolande's gentle strength was embodied in her artifact, Lunumbra, the Silvery Shield, which reflected the moon's calming light during the night, providing a beacon of hope and protection for humanity. She was the healer, the restorer of balance, the voice of reason in the tumultuous world of Rolara.   Their relationship was a complex tapestry of love, rivalry, and mutual respect. Alessandra, with her blazing spirit, often clashed with Eolande's tranquility. Yet, it was Eolande's calming influence that often saved Alessandra from her own fiery impulsiveness. Despite their differences, they understood that their unique strengths complemented each other, and they worked together to guide and protect humanity.   When Alessandra's actions angered the Elves, it was Eolande who stepped in to mediate, her soothing presence calming the storm of resentment. However, the rift caused by this incident left an indelible mark on their relationship. Eolande felt torn between her sister and her respect for the natural order, while Alessandra grappled with the consequences of her actions.   Yet, through all the trials and tribulations, their bond remained unbroken. They were sisters, bound by the threads of destiny, each playing their part in the grand scheme of Rolara's history. Alessandra, the Golden Emperess, the beacon in the darkness, and Eolande, the Moon's Healer, the calming light in the night, together they formed an inseparable part of Rolara's lore. Their tale, a testament to their enduring bond and their unwavering dedication to guiding and protecting humanity, continues to be spun through the ages.

Divine Classification
Neutral Good


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