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In the tapestry of Rolara's cosmos, the title of "Deity" is not a mere label, but a Celestial enigma, a fluid state of being that transcends the mundane. It is a title earned through myriad paths—each as unique as the stars that adorn the night sky. Whether birthed from the cosmic womb or elevated through the fervent prayers of mortals, a Deity embodies a paradox of both constancy and change.   They are the architects of reality and the weavers of fate, wielding powers that bend the very fabric of existence. Yet, their divinity is not a solitary endeavor. It is a symbiotic dance with their worshippers, a cycle of reverence and influence that can either bestow them with divinity or be a consequence of it.   Immortal yet ever-changing, a Deity's influence ripples across realms, touching both the tangible and the abstract. They are the guardians of moral and thematic domains, yet their essence is not confined to these realms alone. Even abstract concepts, once nameless and formless, can ascend to this divine state, gaining sentience and will through the alchemy of worship.   In Rolara, to be a Deity is to exist in a state of cosmic fluidity, a harmonious blend of power, influence, and ever-evolving identity.


In Rolara's cosmology, the title of "Deity" is not a fixed designation but a fluid classification subject to various paths of apotheosis. The following criteria outline the qualifications for a being to be recognized as a Deity:  
  1. Paths to Apotheosis: There are multiple routes to divine status, not limited to cosmic or otherworldly origin.
  3. Divine Abilities: A Deity must possess powers that can influence or manipulate fundamental aspects of reality, such as time, space, life, and death.
  5. Worship and Reverence: Worship can be both a cause and an effect of deity status. A being may either acquire worshippers after achieving divinity or ascend to divinity through worship.
  7. Immortality: Deities are generally immortal and may even be resurrected multiple times, as exemplified by Kano.
  9. Influence Across Realms: A Deity's influence is not limited to a single realm or plane of existence.
  11. Moral or Thematic Domain: Deities often preside over specific moral, elemental, or thematic domains.
  13. Sentience and Will: A Deity possesses sentience and a will of its own, although abstract concepts and forces can also become deified and acquire these characteristics.
  By meeting these qualifications, a being is recognized as a Deity within Rolara's cosmology, deserving of the reverence, fear, or awe that the title commands.
Religious, Special


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