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Vast Desert

Nearly half of the surface of Eoperax is contained within the moutainous borders of the Vast Desert. This desert is renowned for being huge, nearly impossible to traverse, filled with dangerous monsters and uninhabited by advanced civilzations.   These things, generally speaking, are not true. While the Vast Desert is the largest and most dangerous desert on the planet, there are people who live there and even thrive. Adventurers should prepare before the cross such an expanse. Even after the Stars of Power were reignited, magic had issues flowing in the desert. Often, casting spells or using magical items would cause harm to living plants or creatures nearby. The gods and powers of the Outer Planes have all largely repudiated the land, and refuse to go there. As a result, clerics and paladins and similar classes cannot access their divine abilities there.   The Vast Desert, however, still has a beacon of spiritual profundity for adventurous seekers. In the heart of the Vast Desert lies the city of Ra-Kheperu, a jewel of civilization amidst the sands of desolation. Here, the gods are not distant figures dwelling in remote celestial spheres, but intimate presences that reside within the city's grand temples. The divine is not abstract or unknowable but a tangible, immediate reality, woven into the very fabric of daily life through idols, prayers, and rituals that echo the voices of countless generations.   The people of Ra-Kheperu do not reach out to the heavens to touch the divine; they step into their temples. These sacred spaces, resplendent with symbols of divine power, are more than architectural marvels. They serve as vessels, each housing an incorporeal spirit of a god, a divine presence that permeates their hallowed halls. These spirits, unlike the distant and detached deities of other faiths, are intimately entwined with the lives of the Khephrites. Their influence is as immediate as the sand underfoot, as omnipresent as the desert sun overhead.   The gods of Ra-Kheperu, however, do not extend their divine protection to the Vast Desert that stretches beyond the city's borders. This vast expanse, forsaken by the gods, is a stark reminder of the divine favor bestowed upon the city. The desert remains a desolate and harsh realm, indifferent and hostile to life. It serves as a boundary, a line in the sand that marks the limits of divine providence.   Yet, this very desolation imbues the desert with a profound spiritual significance. It is a mirror, reflecting the divine favor that bathes Ra-Kheperu in its warm glow. It is a crucible, testing the resilience of those who dare to venture into its depths. It is a canvas, on which the story of a people's endurance, guided by their gods, is painted in vibrant hues of faith and perseverance. The gods might have forsaken the desert, but in doing so, they have turned it into a testament to their power and the resilience of their people.


Surrounded completely to the North, East, and South by mountains, the majority of traffic into and out of this desert happens on the west end, near Al-Zaluma. The Holy Order of Alessandra sends its paladin knights to defend travelers against the hordes of undead that rise from the sands every night.


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The Deadliest Expanse, The Endless Dunes of Ra-Kheperu
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