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Karwak is the birth city of famed queen of Shamsi-Adad, Zahra, wife of the Zaluman merchant-king Hikmet. Her ancestral home is notably the second tallest building in the city, after the local Sun Mosque.   Nestled within the dominion of the Caliphate of Al-Zaluma, Karwak emerges as a beacon of progressivism under the astute leadership of Satrap Jaabir al-Sharifi. This enlightened ruler, connected by bloodline yet distanced from the legendary Queen Zahra, defies the rigid orthodoxies of his time. His governance is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of diversity, as he embraces the shifters and Tabaxi of the surrounding wilderness, allowing them to mingle, trade, and enrich the city-state with their exotic wares and tales.   Karwak's defiance of the Caliphate's archaic laws, which malign the non-humans as nefarious entities, sows seeds of discord yet stands as a monumental testament to the satrap's visionary stance. Caliph Al-Essan, the youthful and principled sovereign of Al-Zaluma, opts for a diplomatic silence over the issue, channeling his energies to cleanse the rot of corruption undermining his rule.   The city itself, a jewel amidst the verdant embrace of the jungle, thrives on the bounty it offers. Its markets are a riot of colors and scents, brimming with jungle fruits, rare ingredients, and luxurious furs that are sought after across distant lands. The grains from its fertile fields feed not just the populace but also the trade routes that connect Karwak to the world beyond. The climate, a gentle caress of temperate winds, supports this lush abundance, making the city a nexus of natural wealth and cultural amalgamation.   Beyond the riverbanks, the world transforms dramatically into a dense rainforest, where the air thrums with the vibrant pulse of life, a stark contrast to the city's serene harmony. This juxtaposition of the untamed and the civilized encapsulates the essence of Karwak – a place where boundaries blur, and unity is woven from the threads of diversity.
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