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Zalumans are a proud and devout people, deeply connected to their rich cultural history and traditions. They value honor, loyalty, and family above all else, and have a strong sense of community and hospitality towards outsiders. They are skilled in the arts of magic and alchemy, and their society is structured around a powerful Caliphate which rules with a firm but just hand. Zalumans place great importance on personal appearance and beauty, and their courtship rituals are steeped in tradition and magic. With their impressive military and economic assets, as well as their fierce dedication to their shared values and customs, the Zalumans are a formidable force in the world of Rolara.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Amira, Fatima, Hala, Leila, Nadia, Rania, Samira, Yasmin

Masculine names

Ahmed, Farid, Hassan, Jamil, Khalil, Malik, Omar, Yusuf

Family names

Al-Fakhoury, Al-Qudsi, Al-Jabbar, Al-Maliki, Al-Khalidi, Al-Hamadi, Al-Najjar, Al-Dabbagh, Al-Saadi, Al-Zahiri.


Shared customary codes and values

Zaluman culture places a strong emphasis on the following customary codes and shared values:  
  • Honor:
    Zalumans value honor above all else, and believe that one's word is their bond. It is considered a grave offense to go back on one's word, and those who do are often shunned by society.
  • Hospitality:
    It is customary for Zalumans to offer hospitality to guests, even strangers. Guests are treated with the utmost respect, and it is considered a dishonor to let a guest leave unsatisfied.
  • Family:
    Family is highly valued in Zaluman culture, and the bonds between family members are considered sacred. It is expected that family members will support and care for each other, no matter what.
  • Wisdom:
    The pursuit of knowledge and wisdom is highly regarded in Zaluman culture. Scholars and intellectuals are respected members of society, and their advice is often sought out in matters of importance.
  • Magic:
    Magic is seen as a powerful force in Zaluman culture, and those who possess magical abilities are highly respected. However, there are strict laws governing the use of magic, and those who break them are subject to severe punishment.
  • Justice:
    Zalumans believe in justice and fairness, and it is expected that everyone will be treated equally under the law. Those who break the law are subject to punishment, regardless of their social status or wealth.
  • Courage:
    Zalumans value courage and bravery, and those who display these traits are held in high regard. It is considered an honor to defend one's family, friends, or community, even at great personal risk.
  • Creativity:
    Zaluman culture places a high value on creativity and artistic expression. Music, poetry, and dance are all highly regarded, and artists are often celebrated for their talents.
  Overall, Zaluman culture places a strong emphasis on honor, family, and tradition, while also valuing knowledge, magic, and creativity.

Common Etiquette rules

  • When greeting someone, it is customary to place one's right hand over their heart and bow slightly. This gesture is meant to show respect and trust.
  • Zalumans believe in the power of words and the importance of promises. Breaking a promise is considered a grave offense and can lead to the offending party being ostracized from the community.
  • It is considered impolite to speak with one's mouth full, as Zalumans believe that it is disrespectful to the food and those who prepared it.
  • Zalumans place great value on personal space and physical contact. It is considered inappropriate to touch someone without their consent, and crowded areas are often avoided.
  • When dining in public, it is customary to offer a portion of one's food to a stranger in need. This gesture is seen as a way to build community and show compassion.
  • Zalumans are skilled in the art of storytelling and often use tales to teach moral lessons. Interrupting a storyteller or showing disinterest in their tale is seen as a great insult.
  • It is considered impolite to enter someone's home without first being invited inside. Even close friends and family members must wait for an invitation before crossing the threshold.
  • Zalumans believe in the power of music and often incorporate it into their daily lives. It is common for musicians to perform in public spaces, and it is considered rude to interrupt their performance.


Beauty Ideals

Based on our chats, Zaluman beauty ideals may include a preference for darker skin tones and fuller lips. Thick, curly hair may also be considered desirable. In terms of facial features, symmetrical features, particularly a straight nose and almond-shaped eyes, may be admired. A strong, athletic build may also be seen as attractive, as physical fitness and martial prowess are highly valued in Zaluman society. However, these ideals may vary among different regions and social classes within the Caliphate.

Courtship Ideals

In Zaluman courtship, there is a strong emphasis on mutual respect, trust, and a deep spiritual connection. Many believe that love is a magical force that can bring two people together, and they often use spells and potions to enhance their chances of finding a compatible partner. It is common for Zaluman suitors to exchange tokens of their affection, such as enchanted flowers or gemstones, to symbolize their love.   Zaluman courtship is often accompanied by music, dance, and poetry, as these are considered to be powerful forms of magic that can enhance the romantic atmosphere. Many couples also go on enchanted journeys together, where they explore the magical world and deepen their connection with each other.   Physical appearance is not the most important factor in Zaluman courtship, although many value beauty and grace in their partners. More than anything, Zaluman courtship is focused on the emotional and spiritual connection between two people, and the magical potential of their love.

Relationship Ideals

Relationships are seen as important and should be based on mutual respect and understanding. Traditional gender roles are also prevalent, with men being seen as protectors and providers, while women are seen as nurturers and caretakers. In terms of romantic relationships, courtship is important and often involves the exchange of gifts and acts of service to show affection. Marriage is highly valued and viewed as a sacred bond between two people.

Major organizations

Caliphate of Al-Zaluma

The ruling organization over the city of Al-Zaluma, headed by the Caliph Al-Essan Ibn Rasheed.  

The Council of the Eclipse

A secretive order of powerful wizards who wield immense magical power and influence over the political landscape of the region.  

The Order of the Unbreakable Blade

A group of skilled and deadly warriors who pledge their allegiance to the Caliphate and are tasked with protecting the city and its citizens from threats both foreign and domestic.  

The Brotherhood of the Night

A shadowy group of spies and assassins who operate in the shadows, gathering information and carrying out covert operations on behalf of the Caliphate.  

The Cult of the Forbidden Flame

A dangerous and mysterious cult that worships a powerful fire deity and seeks to bring about the destruction of the Caliphate and the establishment of a new, fiery order.  

The Order of the Golden Crescent

A powerful and influential trade guild that controls much of the city's wealth and commerce, and wields significant political power through its economic influence.  

The Temple of the Everlasting Light

A prominent religious establishment that worships a deity of light and purity, and wields significant moral authority and influence over the city's citizens.


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