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Al-Mizān (/æl miˈzɑːn/, Al Mee-ZAHN)

As patrons approach Al-Mizān, they are greeted by the imposing sight of two golden gnoll statues flanking the entrance. These are not mere works of art; they are cautionary tales. Once invaders from the Abyss, these gnolls were transmuted into solid Gold by the Holy Order of Alessandra, under the Grand Caliph's directive. The sunlight, channeled through sacred crystals, served as both weapon and judge, forever immortalizing the gnolls as guardians of Al-Mizān.   Stepping into the foyer, guests find themselves in the company of two taxidermied griffons, gifts from the distant Tatharian Empire. These majestic creatures stand on either side of an immense hearth, their eyes seemingly aglow from the flickering flames. They serve as silent witnesses to the restaurant's long history of diplomacy and cultural exchange.   Al-Mizān offers a plethora of dining areas and private rooms, each with its own unique theme and decor. Yet, one room stands out among them—a chamber adorned with a Huge Rakshasa skin rug. The origin of this unsettling yet fascinating piece remains a mystery, adding an air of intrigue that captivates all who dine there.   Al-Mizān, which translates to "The Scales," serves as a microcosm of Jannat Al-Baḥr itself—a place where history, culture, and a touch of the mystical come together in a delicate balance.

Purpose / Function

Today, Al-Mizān stands as a sanctuary for the senses, a place where culinary artistry and arcane mystique dance in harmonious union. It is a high-end restaurant, yes, but also a temple of sorts, where each dish serves as an offering to the gods of flavor and Magic. Farid Al-Qamar, the enigmatic owner, intended it to be a haven where the physical and spiritual worlds could meet, if only for the duration of a meal.   However, the building that houses Al-Mizān was not always a restaurant. In a past life, it served as a sanctuary for the Holy Order of Alessandra. It was here that the Order's devout warriors trained in the arts of light and shadow, honing their skills for battles both earthly and otherworldly. The golden gnolls at the entrance are remnants of this era, a time when the building was a fortress against the forces of the Abyss.   When Farid Al-Qamar acquired the property, he was careful to preserve its sacred history. The transformation from sanctuary to restaurant was more of an evolution than a repurposing, a merging of the building's martial past with its culinary present. Thus, Al-Mizān is a place where history and destiny coalesce, where the walls whisper tales of valor and the air is tinged with the aroma of exotic spices.

Contents & Furnishings

Al-Mizān is a masterclass in design, seamlessly blending form and function to create an atmosphere that is both luxurious and mystical. The restaurant is divided into several areas, each serving a unique purpose and evoking a different mood.  

Entrance and Foyer

  The entrance is flanked by two golden gnoll statues, serving as both guardians and works of art. The foyer is dominated by an immense hearth, framed by two taxidermied griffons. The flooring is made of intricately patterned tiles, imported from the finest craftsmen in the Caliphate of Al-Zaluma.  

Dining Areas

  The main dining hall is adorned with chandeliers crafted from enchanted crystals, casting a soft, ethereal glow over the tables. The furniture is made of dark mahogany, inlaid with Gold and Silver filigree. Each table is set with fine porcelain dishes and crystal glassware, sourced from various regions of Rolara.  

Private Rooms

  The private dining rooms are each themed differently, ranging from a Celestial chamber with a domed, starlit ceiling to a forest-themed room with walls covered in lifelike murals of Rolara's diverse ecosystems. The furnishings in these rooms are equally varied, tailored to complement their respective themes.  

The Rakshasa Room

  This special dining area is adorned with a Huge Rakshasa skin rug, its origin a subject of much speculation. The room is dimly lit by lanterns filled with bioluminescent fungi, adding an air of mystery and intrigue.  


  Scattered throughout the restaurant are various artifacts and curiosities, each with its own story to tell. These range from ancient scrolls displayed in glass cases to enchanted musical instruments that play softly in the background, enhancing the restaurant's mystical ambiance.
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