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Farid Al-Qamar

Farid Al-Qamar, a name whispered in awe and reverence, is the enigmatic owner of Al-Mizān. With eyes like the desert night and a demeanor as calm as the Coral Sea, Farid is a man of few words but many secrets. A former member of the Holy Order of Alessandra, he left the order under mysterious circumstances, taking with him arcane knowledge that he would later use to enhance the mystical ambiance of Al-Mizān.   Farid is a master of the culinary arts, but his true skill lies in his ability to balance the flavors of food with the energies of the arcane. Each dish served at Al-Mizān is not merely a feast for the senses; it's a spiritual experience, crafted with ingredients both mundane and magical.   Though he rarely mingles with patrons, preferring to oversee the restaurant from the shadows, his presence is always felt. It's said that Farid can read the desires of his guests, tailoring each dining experience to their deepest wishes and fears. Some even claim that the golden gnolls at the entrance are not just trophies but guardians, enchanted by Farid to ward off malevolent forces.   Farid Al-Qamar is not just the owner of Al-Mizān; he is its soul, a living embodiment of the restaurant's blend of history, culture, and mysticism. His life is a tapestry of secrets and untold stories, making him as much a part of Al-Mizān's allure as its exotic dishes and enigmatic decor.


Mr. Pai

Bodyguard (Important)

Towards Farid Al-Qamar



Farid Al-Qamar

Employer (Vital)

Towards Mr. Pai



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