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Arkein Aegis

Star of Abjuration

A First-Time Glimpse into the Arkein

  Elysia's heart pounded as she stepped through the grand archway of the Aegis of Arkein, her eyes widening at the sight that greeted her. The walls seemed to breathe ancient wisdom, adorned with dwarven runes that shimmered like stars in a night sky. Guardian constructs, statuesque figures of both menace and majesty, stood sentinel in alcoves, their eyes glowing with a soft, azure light. She felt as if she had crossed the threshold into another world, one where the past and the present danced in a delicate ballet of timelessness.   A soft chime resonated in the air, and she realized it was the biometric recognition spell scanning her magical signature. A sense of awe washed over her; she was standing in a place that had once been the pinnacle of dwarven civilization, and now served as the impenetrable vault of the House of Sasounyan. She felt humbled, yet strangely empowered, as if the very walls were whispering secrets of arcane mastery and ancient lore.   Guided by an impeccably dressed attendant, she was led through a labyrinth of corridors to a chamber that seemed to defy reality. The walls were lined with vaults, each sealed with intricate locks that combined mechanical and magical elements. The attendant gestured to one of the vaults, its door adorned with a complex pattern of interlocking circles and glyphs.   "Your items will be safe here, Madam," the attendant assured her, his voice tinged with a respectful formality that made her feel like royalty. "The time-locked vault is one of our most secure features, accessible only during the time window you specify."   As she placed her family heirloom—a delicate amulet imbued with protective spells—into the vault, she felt a sense of relief wash over her. It was as if she had entrusted her treasure to the very essence of the world, a place where time stood still, and the weight of history lent its unyielding strength to guard the present.   As she exited the Aegis, Elysia couldn't shake the feeling that she had been part of something much larger than herself, a Continuum of history and Magic that stretched back through the ages. She knew that her heirloom was more than just safe; it was now a tiny fragment of a grand tapestry, woven from the threads of ancient civilizations, arcane mysteries, and the indomitable spirit of those who dared to dream beyond the boundaries of the known world.

Purpose / Function

The Aegis of Arkein, originally a dwarven arcane mechanism of immense power and complexity, has undergone a significant transformation in both location and purpose. Currently under the sole ownership of the House of Sasounyan, an illustrious banking family based in Tatharia Capitolina, the Aegis serves as the family's main, high-security vault. This entry delves into the intricate details surrounding the Aegis's current purpose, its translocation, and the circumstances under which it came under the control of the House of Sasounyan.  

Current Purpose

  The Aegis of Arkein now functions as the ultimate high-security vault for the House of Sasounyan. Given the family's extensive portfolio, which includes not only monetary assets but also political influence and arcane artifacts, the Aegis is uniquely suited to safeguard such a diverse range of valuables. Its original dwarven enchantments for defense and resource generation have likely been adapted to provide unparalleled security measures, both magical and mundane. The Aegis's chambers, once dedicated to various dwarven endeavors, are now meticulously organized to house everything from Gold reserves and precious metals to dangerous magical artifacts and confidential documents.  
Translocation Methodology
  The monumental task of moving the Aegis from its original mountainous location to Tatharia Capitolina was achieved through a combination of mechanical disassembly and interplanar travel. The structure was carefully disassembled into transportable components, which were then ported via Spelljammer ships. To expedite the process and circumnavigate the globe more efficiently, the disassembled Aegis was transported through Wildspace, a dimension that allows for shortened travel time between distant locations. This complex operation combined advanced engineering with arcane mastery, ensuring the Aegis's integrity was maintained throughout the translocation process.  
Acquisition by the House of Sasounyan
  The House of Sasounyan acquired the Aegis through a multi-faceted approach that involved both financial and arcane means. The family purchased the structure from the Vek'ktur community, known custodians of the Arkeineyan ruins and a politically neutral entity. This transaction was not merely a financial exchange but also involved an occult contract, the details of which remain shrouded in secrecy. Given the House of Sasounyan's known interest in the supernatural, it is speculated that this contract may have diabolical or arcane stipulations that bind the Aegis to the family in ways that extend beyond mere ownership.


The Aegis of Arkein, a structure of ancient origin and immense significance, has undergone numerous alterations throughout its long history. Originally conceived as a dwarven stronghold with multifaceted functionalities, the Aegis has adapted to the changing times and needs of its various custodians. This entry aims to chronicle the key alterations made to the building and elucidate the purposes they serve.  

The Dwarven Era

Original Design and Functionality
  In its original form, the Aegis of Arkein was a marvel of dwarven engineering and arcane mastery. Built deep within a mountain range, it served as a defensive fortress, a resource generator, and a hub for enchanted weapon and armor smithing. The structure was adorned with intricate runic carvings and featured a labyrinthine network of chambers and corridors, each dedicated to a specific function.  

The Vek'ktur Custodianship

Preservation and Neutralization
  When the dwarves vanished, the Vek'ktur community took on the role of custodians. Recognizing the building's historical and arcane significance, they made minimal alterations, primarily focused on preservation. However, they did neutralize some of the more dangerous magical elements to prevent misuse, effectively turning the Aegis into a dormant but well-preserved relic.  

The House of Sasounyan

Modernization and Securitization
  The most significant alterations to the Aegis occurred after it came under the ownership of the House of Sasounyan. The family undertook a comprehensive modernization project to adapt the structure to its new role as a high-security vault.  
  1. Security Enhancements: Advanced magical wards were added to complement the existing dwarven enchantments, creating multiple layers of security. Biometric recognition spells and time-locked vaults were also introduced.
  3. Spatial Reorganization: The internal layout was reconfigured to accommodate the storage of diverse assets, from Gold reserves to arcane artifacts. Specialized chambers with controlled environments were created for the safekeeping of sensitive items.
  5. Technological Integration: Given the family's extensive involvement in trade and banking, state-of-the-art technological systems were integrated for inventory management, surveillance, and communication.
  7. Aesthetic Upgrades: While the original dwarven architecture was largely preserved, aesthetic upgrades were made to align the structure with the House of Sasounyan's opulent tastes. This included the addition of luxurious furnishings, art pieces, and decorative elements that reflect the family's cultural and historical influences.


While the complete details of its defenses are a closely guarded secret, certain aspects have become publicly known either through controlled disclosures or scholarly investigations. The following is a comprehensive list of these publicly known defenses.  

Magical Wards

  1. Dwarven Runes:
    The original dwarven runic carvings serve as the foundational layer of magical protection, warding off unauthorized entry and various forms of magical intrusion.
  3. Abjuration Barriers:
    Additional layers of abjuration Magic have been added to create a multi-tiered shield around the Aegis, making it impervious to both physical and magical attacks.
  5. Biometric Recognition Spells:
    Access to certain areas within the Aegis is controlled by biometric recognition spells that identify individuals based on unique magical signatures.

Physical Defenses

  1. Reinforced Walls:
    The walls of the Aegis are constructed from a unique blend of stone and metal, reinforced with magical enchantments to resist both mundane and magical forms of damage.
  3. Guardian Constructs:
    Animated statues and constructs patrol the corridors, programmed to neutralize intruders on sight.
  5. Time-Locked Vaults:
    Certain chambers within the Aegis feature time-locked vaults that can only be accessed during specific time windows, adding an additional layer of security for particularly sensitive items.

Technological Measures

  1. Surveillance Systems:
    State-of-the-art magical and technological surveillance systems are installed throughout the Aegis, capable of detecting invisible or shape-shifted entities.
  3. Automated Defense Mechanisms:
    Advanced traps and automated defense systems are integrated into the structure, designed to incapacitate or eliminate intruders.
  5. Inventory Management Systems:
    A sophisticated inventory management system tracks the movement of items within the Aegis, immediately alerting the security team to any unauthorized access or removal.

Specialized Chambers

  1. Controlled Environments:
    Certain vaults are equipped with controlled environmental conditions to safely store sensitive or volatile items.
  3. Arcane Nullification Zones:
    Specific areas within the Aegis are designed as arcane nullification zones, where Magic is suppressed to prevent unauthorized spellcasting.
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