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The best method for making a trip through Wildspace is to utilize a boat that was explicitly designed for such a reason. Spelljamming ships arrive in a wide assortment of styles. Some look like maritime vessels, while others look like monster bugs or ocean animals.
  These boats are regularly captained by a solitary individual who utilizes their supernatural powers to make the boat fly through any environment, including Wildspace and the Astral Plane. The spellcaster responsible for making the boat move sits in a high position like gadget known as a Spelljamming Helm. The Helm permits the spellcaster to assume total command over the boat and fly it with their thoughts, much the same as moving an appendage.

Air Envelopes

Wildspace can be navigated by anyone or anything that leaves a planet's atmosphere, for a short time at least. Objects that enter Wildspace from a breathable atmosphere take small pockets of air with them, known as air envelopes, that they can use for breathing.
    Unfortunately, creatures leaving a planet's atmosphere will exhaust the air in their envelope in 1 minute. Once the air from their air pocket runs out, they will only be able to hold their breath for 1 + their Constitution modifier minutes (minimum 30 seconds) before they begin suffocating. This is why most creatures venture into Wildspace aboard Spelljammers. These ships are vastly larger than a single creature and can therefore bring typically 120 days' worth of fresh air with them, as long as they are not overcrowded. Typically, a ship's air envelope extends as far out in any direction as the ship is long (see image below). Spelljammers with smaller life-vessels to escape upon are rare, as these vessels take fractions of the total air left in the envelope, and cannot go far.
  After 120 days—or if other extenuating circumstances occur—and the ship's air envelope hasn't been replenished, it becomes "foul air." Mechanically, this means that creatures who breathe the air receive the poisoned condition until they breathe fresh air. In reality, this means the air smells and feels like the the humid musk of a rotting lunch. If the air envelope still has not been replenished another 120 days after the air fouls, the air envelope becomes deadly. All creatures within the air envelope begin to suffocate.  
Merging Envelopes
Two Spelljammers that move such that their envelopes overlap share atmospheres. This technique can be used to give precious air to a Spelljammer crew in peril, but also represents a danger to all involved in ship-to-ship combat.


For massive objects like moons and planets, gravity works similarly to how we experience it on Earth. Hopefully, gravity is pulling you down to the center of the earth so you can walk on the surface without feeling a change—which is how it works for these large bodies in Wildspace. This seems to hold true for world that aren't spherical or planetoids. For objects like spelljaming vessels, gravity functions as a metaphysical plane that cuts through the horizontal axis of the vessel and extends the length of the air envelope (see image above). This allows creatures to walk on the deck of a ship and even flip upside-down to walk on the bottom of the ship, though it can cause a strange anomaly when two ships collide.
  While air envelopes are affected by getting close to another ship, gravity planes only interact when actual contact between two or more ships is made. When this happens, you better hope you're buckled up because the ship with fewer hit points immediately comes under the effect of the gravity plane from the vessel with more hit points.
  If you were to fall off of a ship—say, as a result of changing gravity planes or a vicious blow—and you can't land on a surface affected by a gravity plane, you will begin to drift into Wildspace. In this case, the ship's gravity will keep you around, but not for long. Any untethered creature or object drifts 10 feet per minute toward the back of the ship's air envelope, opposite the direction the ship is moving. This can be dire for creatures that need to breathe, as they will eventually exit the ship's air envelope and have minimal time to find breathable air.  

Spelljammers of the Fleet

The vessels of Spelljammer Fleet are all given names voted on by the top brass during routine meetings. While there are different varieties of Spelljammer, those of the Fleet are typically named with the ship prefix SJV (an abbreviation of Spelljamming Vessel), such as the famous flagship SJV Starpetal.


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