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Spelljammer Fleet

Spelljammer Fleet had three primary missions: to boldly explore the endless planes of the Multiverse, to defend Rolara against the mysterious threats of Wildspace, and to establish secure and reliable trade routes to the Outer Planes.   Founded by an alliance between world leaders to respond to the Draconian (and other) threats from Wildspace. John the Merchant donated a renovated Dragonship and invested a great deal of money into the founding of the Fleet. At its outset, it was led by Knight of Ketenem Balasar who served as the first Grand Admiral for a short time. His flagship was the Starpetal, a unique, sentient Spelljammer crafted by the ancient Eladrin of Moredge.
  Master sailor and hero Pocket Strings, called the Old Ghost, commands the contingent of Spelljammer Fleet that is responsible for developing cadets into full Fleet members at the Spelljammer Academy. He works alongside Sarthe (an apprentice of Balasar and instructor of Spelljammer pilots) as well as Mister Blip. Saerthe and Mister Blip served alongside the Starfinders before joining Spelljammer Fleet at its founding.


Uses a naval military structure.


Despite the Mountain Spirit Trading Company being involved in its inception, Spelljammer Fleet considers itself fully autonomous and unallied with any nation or state. Membership is open to anyone, though not all recruits are accepted.
Military, Space navy
Alternative Names
The Fleet
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Spelljammer/s (pilots), Spelljammer Corpsmen (non-pilots)
Subsidiary Organizations
Organization Vehicles
Notable Members

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