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Mister Blip

Despite his tendency to drone on in monotonous tones whenever he is plied for Spelljammer related knowledge, Mister Blip is one of the most beloved and respected members of Spelljammer Fleet. During a ship battle sometime in the past, he sustained heavy damage. This resulted in him losing many of his memories, including those about his creator. Of his maker, he knows only that he can wasn't an official member of the Fleet and that he went MIA in the same battle that took his memories.
  Choosing to look to the future, Mister Blip worries not about his past and is instead dedicated to serving to the best of his abilities at the Spelljammer Academy. There, he is the quartermaster and manages the stores. This position was thrust upon him due to the injuries he sustained before.
Bronze mustache
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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