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Ketenem (/kɛˈtɛn.ʌm/, keh-TEN-um; /ʃɑn ˈlʊŋ/ (Shān), /lʊŋ/ (Lóng), shahn loong)

Ketenem (a.k.a. Shanlung [山龙, Shān Lóng])

"Ketenem the Dragon God, PAH!! What a joke! He might be all high and mighty, but if you ever saw how filthy his lair is, you'd know he is the farthest thing from godliness!" -Jorryn Loudpeak, ancient Gnome trickster
  In a secluded chamber deep within the Palace of Diamonds, Ketenem sat, his copper scales reflecting the soft glow of the enchanted lanterns that adorned the walls. The room was filled with the scent of ancient tomes and the subtle aroma of incense. Before him lay an open book, its pages filled with the names of souls, each one a life that had touched Rolara in some way.   His eyes, pools of molten Gold, scanned the pages, lingering on each name as if weighing their deeds and misdeeds. He was the god of Justice and Vengeance, after all, and his judgment was both final and irrevocable. Yet, as he read, his gaze softened. For he was also the god of Death, the ultimate equalizer, and he knew that each soul would eventually find its way back to the land he had helped create.   A soft knock on the chamber door broke his reverie. It was one of his Celestial agents, a Dragonborn adorned in armor that shimmered like the night sky. "My lord, King Yan has sent word. A soul has been misplaced, lost between the realms."   Ketenem closed the book and rose, his form towering and majestic. "Then we must set things right. Prepare the others; we journey at once."   As they left the chamber, Ketenem couldn't help but think of Keraunee, his tempestuous lover and eternal rival. Their relationship had shaped the very continents and oceans of Rolara, and though they were now at a tenuous peace, the tension between them was as palpable as ever. He wondered what she would think of this latest turn of events, and whether their paths would cross once more in the intricate dance of fate and destiny.   But such thoughts were for another time. Now, there was work to be done. Souls to guide, justice to mete, and a world to watch over. And so, with a beat of his ethereal wings, Ketenem took to the skies, his form dissolving into a cascade of stars as he ventured forth into the great unknown.

Divine Domains

Justice and Vengeance: The Retribution of Rage
In the cosmic order, Ketenem stands as a paragon of Justice, a Deity who embodies the very concept of retribution. His is not the blind justice of impartiality but the focused wrath of righteous vengeance. When wrongs are committed, it is Ketenem's draconic gaze that weighs the scales, and his Celestial talons that mete out punishment. His divine agents, often draconic in form, serve as the executors of his will, ensuring that justice is not merely an ideal but a tangible force that shapes the world.  
Death: The Inevitable End
Ketenem's dominion extends to the realm of Death, a domain that he shares with King Yan, the thunderous ruler of Hell Realm and the judge of the underworld. King Yan's role is to pass judgment on all the dead, meticulously recording their deeds in his Book of Life and Death. Ketenem's celestial agents assist souls in their transition to the afterlife, ensuring that they are officially recorded by King Yan. This symbiotic relationship highlights Ketenem's belief that all things return to the dust and are thereby part of the land he birthed. Source  
The Land: The Ancient Child of Ketenem
As the deity responsible for the very formation of Rolara's continents, Ketenem's influence is deeply rooted in the land itself. He views the earth as both the cradle of life and its inevitable grave, a cycle of birth and death that he oversees with a watchful eye. This domain is not just a testament to his creative power but also a reflection of his role as a deity of Death, emphasizing the cyclical nature of existence.  


Ha'Tutsem   The ax used by a Paladin of Ketenem held the same name as the above Paladin

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A dragon holding Rolara, or shaping clay in his claws

Mental characteristics

Personal history

In the annals of Rolara's history, few figures loom as large as Ketenem, the enigmatic Dragon Deity. Born as the second youngest of the Five Dragon Gods, his early years were marked by a relentless pursuit of arcane knowledge and material wealth. Copper scales adorned his majestic form, each a testament to his arcane prowess and a symbol of his insatiable greed.   Tensions between Ketenem and his brother Talong, the River Dragon, reached a boiling point in the early days of Rolara. While Talong sought harmony between the realms of land and sea, Ketenem's ambitions were driven by a darker, more selfish desire. Their ideological clash culminated in a cataclysmic battle, a cosmic dance of fire and water that tore through the fabric of reality itself. From this chaos emerged the continents and oceans we know today.   Banished and defeated, Ketenem retreated into the shadows, his once-mighty form reduced to a mere whisper of its former glory. Yet, even in exile, his cunning mind never ceased its machinations. Years turned into decades, and decades into centuries, as he plotted his return to power. During this time of seclusion, he stumbled upon an unlikely ally—Jorryn Loudpeak, a Gnome trickster with a penchant for mischief and adventure.   Together, they embarked on quests that would become legends in their own right, delving into forgotten tombs and battling ancient evils. Through these exploits, Ketenem amassed not just wealth, but also a newfound respect for Jorryn's tenacity and cunning. A bond was formed, one that transcended the usual alliances of convenience. Recognizing Jorryn's unique qualities, Ketenem imbued him with the power of a psychopomp, granting him dominion over the thin veil separating life and death.   Summoned back to Rolara following the theft of the Stars of Power, Ketenem knew the time had come to enact his grand designs. No longer a Deity in exile, he returned with a newfound purpose—to restore Rolara to its former glory and reclaim his rightful place among the gods. With Jorryn at his side and an arsenal of arcane artifacts in his possession, he watches over Rolara from the shadows, biding his time until the stars align in his favor.   And so, Ketenem waits, his eyes ever watchful, his mind constantly weaving new threads in the intricate tapestry of Rolara's destiny. For those who dare to seek him out, he offers a simple choice: join him in his quest for power, or stand aside and watch as history unfolds according to his grand design.

Accomplishments & Achievements

In the ever-expanding tapestry of Rolara's history, Ketenem's deeds stand as monumental pillars, each a testament to his indomitable will and unparalleled cunning. Among these, the reignition of the Stars of Power stands as a beacon of his influence, not just in Rolara but across the multiverse. Guiding the Starfinders and his chosen knight, Balasar the Dragonborn, Ketenem orchestrated a cosmic gambit to thwart his malevolent echo from another Prime Material Plane. This culminated in an awe-inspiring Spelljammer battle in Rolaraspace, a Celestial ballet of Magic and might fought between the moons. With the vanquishing of his evil doppelganger, Ketenem didn't merely save Rolara; he avenged countless worlds that had fallen prey to the wicked wyrm's insatiable hunger for destruction.   Yet, to focus solely on this recent feat would be to overlook the myriad other ways Ketenem has shaped the destiny of Rolara and beyond. Across pantheons and borders, his influence is felt. As Ketenem in the Tatharian gods and Shanlung in The Celestial Administration, his worship is a universal constant, a thread that weaves through the fabric of multiple realities. This is no mere accident but a calculated outcome of his divine machinations, each name and form another facet of his complex identity.   Long before the Stars of Power saga, Ketenem's influence was already etched into the very bones of Rolara. Most agree that his cataclysmic battle with his brother Talong was instrumental in the creation of the continents. This isn't mere myth but a cosmic truth, a foundational event that shaped the world as we know it. While some may argue about the morality of his actions, none can deny their impact. Ketenem's clash with Talong was not just a fraternal feud but a cosmic event that birthed oceans and landmasses, forever altering the landscape of Rolara.   In the grand scheme of things, Ketenem's accomplishments serve as a roadmap to understanding not just the Deity himself but the world he so profoundly influences. From the creation of continents to the reignition of celestial bodies, his actions reverberate through time and space, each an echo of his insatiable ambition and boundless cunning. And as he watches over Rolara from the shadows, one can only wonder what new feats will be added to his already impressive list of accomplishments.


Contacts & Relations

Keraunee, the Ocean's Wrath

  In the Celestial tapestry of Rolara, no relationship is as tempestuous as that between Ketenem and Keraunee. Known by various names across pantheons—Mazu among the Tatharian gods and Keronax in other aspects—Keraunee is a Deity of storms, seafaring, and luck. Her form, a majestic blend of Dragon and turtle, is adorned with scales that mirror the ocean's ever-changing hues. When Ketenem returned to Rolara, drawn by the reignition of a Star of Power, Keraunee chose that moment for her own dramatic reentry. Their reunion was cataclysmic, causing six months of global flooding and earthquakes. Yet, from this chaos, a fragile peace has emerged, a cosmic détente that has momentarily stilled their eternal dance. Source  

Jorryn Loudpeak, the Spirit Guide

  Among Ketenem's intricate web of relationships, the bond with Jorryn Loudpeak stands as a poignant testament to the Dragon Deity's complex nature. A Gnome hailing from Iamea, Jorryn was an anomaly among the Gui, more at home in the wilderness than the urban centers of his kin. In life, he served as a Cleric to Ketenem, and in death, he was chosen to become a psychopomp. Ketenem often assumes Jorryn's form when interacting with mortals, a tribute to a friendship that transcends the veil of mortality. Source  

The Celestial Administration

  Within this divine bureaucracy, Ketenem is revered as Shanlung. As the second youngest among the Five Dragon Gods, he was tasked with hoarding treasures for the Jade God in his Palace of Diamonds. These Dragon Gods were commanded by Heavenly Edict to perform duties on behalf of the Jade God, further cementing Ketenem's role in the cosmic order. Source  

Balasar, the Dragonborn Knight

  Chosen by Ketenem to be part of the Starfinders, Balasar's valor and loyalty have earned him a unique place in the deity's grand design. Together, they thwarted the malevolent echo of Ketenem, safeguarding not just Rolara but countless other worlds.  

The Starfinders, Cosmic Champions

  Guided by Ketenem, this band of adventurers played a pivotal role in reigniting the Stars of Power. Their heroism has left an indelible mark on Rolara, forging new alliances and unities in a world forever changed.



lover (Important)

Towards Ketenem




lover (Trivial)

Towards Keraunee




Eldest Brother

Towards Ketenem



Second Youngest Brother

Towards Longwang


Jorryn Loudpeak

Friend (Important)

Towards Ketenem




Friend (Important)

Towards Jorryn Loudpeak



Divine Classification
Longwang (Eldest Brother)
Aligned Organization


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