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Dragon Deity

In the Celestial tapestry of Rolara, the Dragon Deities hold a unique and revered position. While the Five Dragon Brothers—Longwang, Shanlung, Talung, Dongwulong, and Yunlung—command distinct domains and powers, they are not the sole representatives of draconic divinity.   Keronax, also known as Mazu, is a Grand Minister of All the Myriad Oceans and Seas. Her true form is that of a giant dragon-turtle hybrid, and she is a symbol of protection for sailors and fishermen. Her portfolio extends to storms, shipwrecks, and even marriage. She is worshipped through offerings of incense, food, and flowers, and her followers believe that she brings good fortune and blessings (source).   Ketenem, the primary Aspect of Shanlung, is an enigmatic and powerful being whose influence spans the entire universe. Known for his talent in finding treasures and hoarding them, Ketenem is a master of disguise and manipulation. He watches over Rolara from the shadows, biding his time until the moment is right to make his move (source).   These Dragon Deities were commanded by Heavenly Edict to perform duties on behalf of the Jade God, and their influence was felt throughout the ancient world. They are not mere figures of lore but active participants in the cosmic order of Rolara, their legacy enduring through time and space.


The Jade God appointed the Dragon Gods by writing Longwang and his 4 brothers' names in the Scroll of Heavenly Coronation.
Religious, Special
Alternative Naming
Dragon King, Dragon Emperor, Dragon Lord, Dragon God
Source of Authority


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