Yu Huang

The Jade God Yu Huang

Ancient ones tell tales of a glorious man called Yu Huang, crown prince of the Heavenly Kingdom of Majestic and Beautiful Lights and Sounds. When he was born, a bright light shone across the world, visible in every nearby kingdom. He devoted his life to kindness and helping others. When his father passed, he ascended to the throne and lead his people with benevolence, and no man or beast was without contentment. He then told his ministers that he would travel to the Mountain of Fragrances and Flowers to cultivate Yin and Yang.
It is said he spent 420,000 years cultivating his spirit until he became a Golden Immortal. Legend goes on to say it would take another one hundred million years before he would become the Jade God.
Charged with the running of the six realms, the Jade God meted out rewards and remedies to saints, the living, and the deceased according to a merit system loosely called the Jade Principles Golden Script. Benevolent and wise, the Jade God consults many advisors and the other deities among his court, especially if a judgment is objected against.
The Jade God is still fearsome; when he adjudicates for punishment, he relies in the appropriate advisors. It is wise, therefore, for those who would dare show contempt towards the Jade God remember that the most heinous and barbaric fiends of Hell rule as they do with his authority, and they eagerly advise him in their areas of expertise.

Holy Books & Codes

He uses the Scroll of Heavenly Coronation to record the deities in his court.


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