Rolara Seeking the Permission of Yu Huang

Seeking the Permission of Yu Huang

Political event

16/8 23:00

Dancing Phoenix activates the newest form of his Black Team following the betrayal of Shenmi. Too much is wrong in the world, and he believes that Lang Wen is wrong to claim the Mandate of Heaven. Instead of claiming it for himself, he sends his elite team to recover an artifact that will allow him to seek permission to hold the Mandate from the Jade God himself. Additionally, he seeks a mighty Dragon from The Celestial Administration to Marshal his armies, inspire his people, and destroy the enemies of the Jiao.

To find this artifact, the team is to head into Ganju territory. The Governor King of Donglin City is said to have a Key to the Gate of Heaven in his position. It is up the Black Team how they obtain this item, though Dancing Phoenix impresses upon them that turning Ganju territory into allied territory is preferrable. The Black Team is top secret and will be completely disavowed publicly, giving them a wide degree of options when handling their mission objectives.
It is suggested they stay away from major traffic areas and the dangerous flooded riverways as much as possible. Gecko Village serves as a potential resting point after the first leg of their journey.

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