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Ganju is a united kingdom of three city states that separates the historical Hordelands from the area occupied by the Jiao Alliance.


The Ganju Emperor technically holds Supreme authority, and in fact claims to be the ruler of the entire mythic land of Jiao. This claim is only taken seriously by the court within Ganju Shi. The Governor Kings under Fu Guanting don't openly mock him, but tend to disbelieve that he has the Mandate of Heaven.


Despite the criticism and skepticism towards Ganju, Fu Guanting has kept up the traditional roll of defending the ancestral homeland from the Hordelands. For this, his warriors are loyal, and shrewd kings avoid antagonizing him.


Fu Guanting is incredibly rich, controlling the Eight Gates to the North, the only trade routes that go past the Dragon Wall.


Ganju Shi's guards are the most organized units. Though the forces of the various Ganju territories are sworn to serve Fu Guanting, the local leaders have the loyalty of their soldiers secured for themselves.

Foreign Relations

Ganju is tolerated by the Jiao Alliance, as it's military forces keep the monsters and men of the Hordelands from invading. The military forces of Ganju are adept at communicating with fire and smoke signals across the 10,000 Mile Dragon Barrier. Nonetheless, the Fu family's claim of Ancient Jiao ancestry is largely dismissed by the almost everyone.
Founding Date
1007 PE
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Leader Title
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Transnational government
All of the Ganju territories accept money from the other kingdoms in the mythic land of Jiao, though notably they lack an equivalent of the silver piece, instead using an equivalent of the electrum piece.
Official Languages
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