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Ancient Jiao

The Human people of the Jiao - Ethnicity claim to trace their heritage to a mythical ancient culture, the Ancient Jiao. Fu Guanting of Ganju claims his lineage is an unbroken succession from the Zhao Dynasty, the mythic First Dynasty of the Ancient Jiao Empire.


The Ancient Jiao were chosen people, guided by the Jade God to greatness. In times long forgotten, the Ancient Jiao used magic to control the spirits of Heaven and Hell and ruled the entirety of northern Ofica. In some stories, the Ancient Jiao were around when the Five Dragon Gods created Rolara. Most stories, however, place them chronologically at the end of Time of Magic.
In those tales, the Ancient Jiao committed great sins with their magic, and The Three Total Ones were displeased. Shanlung called upon a pact his brothers made in ancient times, and the Dragons all left Rolara together. For their military prowess and for the legacy of uniting half a continent under one banner, the Ancient Jiao are regarded as worshipful ancestors. For the sins that took magic from the world, they are considered a cautionary tale against hubris.

Historical Basis

The Ancient Jiao are loosely based on the a real ancient culture that did call themselves Jiao.

Dynastic Rule and the Mandate

In Art

The Sin of Jiaoren is an ancient stone bas relief sculpture that depicts the use of magic to wage war over the world, and the dragons fleeing in shame. It has been rehomed in the The Secret Sealed City of Heaven, where it is on display only to reputable scholars and visiting dignitaries.
It is believed to depict Lee Huangdi using an artifact called the Relic of Lee Huangdi to conquer the world.
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