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10,000 Mile Dragon Barrier

The longest and strongest of defenses available when it comes to prevent monsters from the Hordelands from invading.

Purpose / Function

To defend the Land of Jiao from the invaders from the Hordelands.


The stone of the wall, in the original sections that still stand today, have intricate and detailed Dragon scales, spines, and other natural details carefully carved into the durable stone. In areas where damage allows viewing of the internal structure, it is clear that the wall is entirely stone in construction. No seams are present, and no evidence of any mortar has been found. Many sections have been repaired, some incredibly well, though the new parts are clearly visible upon sight.
The wall has been modified over the thousands of years its guarded the land. Every 100 miles is a guard tower. There are also nine heavily guarded and monitored gates allowing passage between the gates.
At present, a good portion of the remaining wall is lost under the flood waters.


The wall is resistant to non-magical damage from items that aren't made of adamantine.


This wall's origin is traced back to Ancient Jiao in the Age of Wonder and when Dragons roamed the world. It is said a famous and wise wu jen cajoled and annoyed the longest Dragon of the world until, enraged, it gave chase. It is said he ran on clouds in front of the Dragon until it stretched the width of Ofica. In the end, he turned upon the pursuing dragon and petrified him with the secret magic wrought from his ultimate understanding of Yin and Yang. Instantly, the 10,000 Mile Dragon Barrier was formed.


The Eighth Gate, so named when counted from the Dragon's head towards the tail, is the best maintained portion of the original wall and the rear legs of the dragon are visible here.
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Alternative Names
The Unending Dragon Wall
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