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Black Pavilion

The Accursed Enigma of Jiao

The Black Pavilion, or 黑亭, is an enigmatic structure located in the Mythic Land of Jiao. This small gazebo-like edifice is constructed from an unusual material that, upon close examination, is revealed to be Adamantine. However, the Pavilion is not just a marvel of unique architecture; it carries a chilling reputation. Stories circulate of noble warriors, dedicated to vanquishing evil, who have lost their sanity after visiting this place. One particularly gruesome tale recounts the horrific death of a curious individual who dared to investigate the Pavilion.   This cursed landmark has become a symbol of dread and mystery. Its dark allure continues to draw the brave and the foolhardy, challenging them to uncover its secrets. Yet, the Black Pavilion remains an enigma, its true nature as impenetrable as the Adamantine it is made from.


In the realm where jade rivers twine,
Ventured Li Tian, heart aflame, divine.
Through Jiao's expanse, under heaven's cast,
In pursuit of wisdom echoing from the past.
  The Black Pavilion, a silhouette grand,
Under its shadow, Li Tian did stand.
Crafted from obsidian, adorned with jade,
In the Moon's caress, its majesty displayed.
  "Speak, O silent monolith," he cried,
His voice through the silent night did glide.
Gifts he proffered, incantations he wove,
His comrades laughed, in disbelief they strove.
  Yet when the moon ascended its throne,
The night danced to an ethereal tone.
Shadows waltzed, the air turned cold,
An ancient melody, in whispers bold.
  The Pavilion stirred, a silent accord,
In response to Li Tian, the dreaming lord.
His comrades fled, minds in a swirl,
But Li Tian's resolve remained unfurled.
  "I shall return," he pledged to the night,
To the Black Pavilion, in the moon's soft light.
And so the tale, in verse and song,
Of Li Tian and the Pavilion, echoes long.
  In Jiao's halls, the story unfolds,
A testament to the mysteries of old.
A reminder of the realm, vast and grand,
And Li Tian, the dreamer, forever hand in hand.
  The Black Pavilion, a symbol of the Ancient Jiao's grandeur, has a history as mysterious and captivating as the land itself.   In the early days of the Ancient Jiao, the Black Pavilion was not yet a part of the landscape. The area was a vast, open field, home to the wild flora and fauna of Jiao. It was a place where the people of Jiao would gather to celebrate their harvests and hold their community meetings.   The construction of the Black Pavilion began under the reign of Emperor Liang, a visionary leader who sought to create a monument that would reflect the strength and unity of his people. The Pavilion was designed to be a place of gathering, a center for cultural exchange, and a symbol of the enduring spirit of the Ancient Jiao.   The Black Pavilion was built using the finest materials sourced from across the land. Its construction was a monumental task that took several years and the collective effort of thousands of workers. Despite the challenges, the people of Jiao worked tirelessly, their determination fueled by their shared vision of a landmark that would stand the test of time.   Once completed, the Black Pavilion quickly became a focal point of the Ancient Jiao. It was a place where important decisions were made, where celebrations were held, and where people came to seek solace and inspiration. Over time, the Pavilion became synonymous with the identity of the Ancient Jiao, a symbol of their resilience and unity.   However, the Black Pavilion also bore witness to the trials and tribulations of the Ancient Jiao. It stood silent during the Great Famine, its grandeur a stark contrast to the hardship faced by the people. It was here that Emperor Liang, in his final act as ruler, addressed his people, urging them to remain strong and united in the face of adversity.   In the years that followed, the Black Pavilion remained a constant in the ever-changing landscape of the Ancient Jiao. It survived wars, natural disasters, and the passage of time, its black stone facade a testament to the enduring spirit of the people it represents.   Today, the Black Pavilion stands as a reminder of the Ancient Jiao's past and a symbol of its future. It is a place of reflection, where the people of Jiao can look back on their history and look forward to their future. It is a testament to their resilience, their unity, and their enduring spirit.   As the sun sets on the Ancient Jiao, the Black Pavilion stands tall, its silhouette a striking contrast against the crimson sky. It is a sight to behold, a symbol of a land and a people that have withstood the test of time.
Gazebo / Bandstand
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