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Menxi means "West Gate" and it is situated at the most Western gate of the 10,000 Mile Dragon Barrier. It is the smallest city-state of Ganju, but has the highest population density.
  There are two laws in Menxi that are known beyond its borders. First, no weapons shall be carried beyond gate to the palace and temple district. Soldiers or even armed guards are not permed to pass while armed. Those in the district are not unprotected, however. Second, an influential noble who worships Guanyin has started a weapon purchase program. To keep weapons off the streets and out of the hands of the population at large they offer a rate slightly above market value for the weapons and part of their purchasing power is supported by Fu Guanting's personal coffers. These weapons are typically destroyed.
  Menxi is administered by the Grand Immortal Three Spirits, a Wu jen who was appointed Governor King by Fu Guanting.
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