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Palace of Divinity

Purpose / Function

This divine palace is from where the deity Yu Huang administers the fine details of the cosmos. According to his divine duties, the Jade God is reponsible for determining the portfolios of not only the powers within his own pantheon, The Celestial Administration, but also the cosmos at large.


The Jade God added The Golden Tower of Heaven for personal respite and recreation. He also ordered the building of the Gate of Heaven that floats in the Astral Plane.


Travelers from across the multiverse may be inclinced to visit the Library of the Five Harmonies, where knowledge has been accrued since time immemorial. Many adventurers have also heard legends of the enchanted peach trees that give new celestials their immortality. The fruit from the trees are called Pantao. There is a garden within a courtyard of the palace that is actually a demiplane that extends infinitely in all directions. There, infinite rows of infinite peach trees grow an infinite number of peaches.
Alternative Names
Palace of Jade
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