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Stars of Power

"The Stars of Power are artifacts alleged to have powered and fuel the Great Mechanisms of ancient times and allowed the great magic of Rolara to fuel their advanced civilizations.   "According to tales traveling merchants have brought to Tatharia, the largest mountain in the center of the continent is the place where the lights of those ancient Great Mechanisms comingled and bathed the lands in the Golden Light of legends. Many cultures, in their own tongues, call this peak Mount Origin, the source of all things.   Another, perhaps older legend, came to me from across the seas. It is said that in far-off lands there are people who defied the ancients and kept their access to magic in various ways. I've been lucky enough to see for myself some extraordinary abilities. In fact, once I saw"   [Here Aberran's notes end, continuing later in a scroll kept in a picnic basket]   "Regardless, the Stars of Power relate to each of the 7 'Schools of Magic' that were sealed long ago. 7 Great Chiefs of 7 Great Tribes willingly, although not at first, worked to seal the magic they had entwined into their lives and societies. It was not a decision made lightly; they feared the greed of the rulers of humanoids, and they sought to prevent catastrophic wars. The horrors of magic may match the miracle of it. The 8th Great Chief in the legend was a trickster. He convinced the other Chiefs that his magic alone should stay in the world, a gift of consolation for the pitiful people of future generations. His magic was the Art of Life and Death, Necromancy. His Art, if my conjectures prove true is the source of much of the so-called miracles of religious cults throughout the world. I don't have much to prove this, but I'm certain of it. Unfortunately, or perhaps by the 8th Chief's design, or the Necromantic Society, for which there is no true name, while miracles of health and restoration are impressive, the horror of the undead truly..."   [This time, the Scholar stops to provide detailed drawings of a new design he came up with for a hat with pockets. From the scribbles, it seems he wasn't satisfied with the end result.]


Material Characteristics

History & Usage


In the Age of Wonder, civilization on Rolara advanced and magic made available many technologies that benefited all sentient species of the world. There was little illness, and lifespans were extended to extremes.
These advanced cultures were largely based around the mastery of material called a Star of Power. There are seven such stars, and scholars of the arcane arts have categorized a great deal of magic into "schools" of study. Each of these schools aligned with the powers of these seven stars. However, one of these schools, the school of Necromancy, was never aligned with any star of power, or for that matter anything remotely similar.


There are two legends about the discovery of the Stars of Power.   In one tale, Alessandra brought the stars back from the heavens. In the other, Banor crafted them through magical means from the remains of his mother, The Mythekah, secreted away in Mount Origin.

The only historical account of any reliability is a stone inscription visible near the Porta Ultima in Moredge. This inscription, written in Elvish, states clearly that the portal was powered by the Star of Conjuration when the Elves of Moredge first wandered the Planes. However, no notes of the Star's origin, whether created or found, is mentioned here.
  While the origins of the Stars of Power are shrouded in legend, the people of Videha tell a different tale, one that traces the celestial fragments back to the deity Vishravas. According to this belief, the Stars of Power are nine of the 27 shards of Vishravas, falling into the Mortal Realm during the deity's act of cosmic creation. Whether the stars were brought back from the heavens by Alessandra, or crafted by Banor from the remains of his mother, The Mythekah, the belief remains that the Stars of Power carry the divine essence of Vishravas.

Cultural Significance and Usage

The Age of Wonder was a time of science and advancement, though marked with war and greed. The Stars of Power were a symbol both of advancement, and moreso as time went on, of hubris.
  The humans of the central mountains, where in the modern age Palm Harbor sits just above the sea, had adapted the Star of Divination into an orb of unlimited precognition and insight, and their species filled the globe. Some Human cultures, such as the Ancient Jiao, lacked direct use of the Stars or the Mechanisms they powered, so they advanced in other ways.
  Gnomes, based in the far east of Rolara, built fantastic automatons and devices that reduced work and increased the lifespan of civilized folks. Among their creations stand the Warforged and the Autognomes, though many of these constructed folk tragically died when the Star of Transmutation was sealed, and the Demon Forge no longer burned.
  The Dwarves, one of the elder races, had long centuries to develop their mechanism, using the Star of Abjuration. Their citadels both above and below the surface of Rolara became impenetrable. Indeed, Dwarven society, stubborn and long, continued admirably after the stars were sealed away.
  In Aikibira, the fiercesome Dragonborn used the Star of Evocation, its fiery orange glow from their island continent colored the clouds of fog that hid them. A beacon that always led them home, the Dragonborn brought advanced weaponry to the people of Rolara, and shared it freely until they were attacked and nearly destroyed.
  The Elven Lords of the South ruled over what has become the Vast Desert. They were gone, leaving only the Star of Enchantment behind when they disappeared, long before magic was sealed. When the Star was removed from their lands, every tree and blade of grass withered, the rocks crumbled and the winds ground everything into dust and the sun baked the earth. The Vast Desert is a place more broken and wounded than any other on Rolara, perhaps. Most agree the land there now is more treacherous than the frozen northern continent of Iagane. Before this, flying cities and people dotted the skies and all sorts of awe-inspiring enchantments fillled the villages on the ground. Of all the ancient nations, these elves seemed the most joyous and mirthful.
  Of course, the elves of the Veiled Woods thought themselves above the hubris of the elves of the south, and they hid themselves with illusions underground. When the star of Illusion was stolen from them, they retaliated in anger and destroyed the Grand Elevator, and separated the Deep Dark from the surface for more than a millenium.

Industrial Use

In a radius of hundreds of miles around the mechanisms charged by the Stars of Power, those respective schools of magic were enhanced. Random or even purposeful magical effects could be asserted onto the landscape; from hidden cities to volcanoes used as intercontinental weapons, nearly anything was possible. Wizards had access to spell slots of up to level 12, and 12th level spells transformed the world regularly.


It is not recommended to focus the light of any star of power through lenses without precise experimentations to be done first. Nearly all mechanisms refine its power with lenses, but particular crystals must be used and precisely attuned in order for there not to be catastrophic consequences.



The stars can rest inside the mechanism devised in the Age of Wonder or in simple pouches made of mithril. Contact, even with other materials in an attempt to shield oneself, will result in various catastrophic events that might impact large areas.
  In Videha, it is believed that the Stars of Power carry the divine essence of Vishravas, and hence their storage takes on a significant spiritual dimension. The use of mithril pouches is not just a practical measure, but a ritualistic one, acknowledging the divine nature of the Stars. The catastrophic events that occur when the Stars come into contact with other materials are seen as a testament to Vishravas's power and a warning against the misuse of these divine shards.
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