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Three Falls

Perched near the summit of majestic Mount Origin, cradled by the world of Rolara, rests the village of Three Falls. Its name stems from the trio of cascading waterfalls that once thundered through its core. Now, it stands as a quiet enclave, deeply intertwined with the arcane and Celestial mysteries that embrace it. The villagers, inherently sorcerers by birth, dance a perpetual waltz with the fate of the Aetherite Crystals. Their lives are an intricate ballet with arcane energies that both bless and beleaguer. Despite a dwindling population, those who remain Weave a rich tapestry of profound cultural heritage. Their existence stands as a bastion of resilience against the capricious whims of Magic and the harsh elements of their lofty home. This place, a blend of beauty and peril, thrums with the echoes of ancient power. A thin veil separates this world from others, and the people of Three Falls stand vigilant. They are the steadfast guardians of secrets as old as the mountain itself.  


Total Population: 184
Primary Race: Human
General Attitude: Nosy and Guarded


  • Children: 33
  • Adults: 123
  • Elderly: 28
  • Ill/Infirm: 19
  • Known Criminals: 0
  • Urban Population: 158
  • Rural Population: 26


Road Construction: Wood Lined Roads
Main Irrigation: Furrow Irrigation
Number of Districts: 0


Overall Architecture

  • Primary Building Style: Stone
  • Secondary Building Styles: Marble
  • Aesthetics: Functional
  • Cleanliness: Filthy
  • Upkeep: Well-Kept


Walls: None
Natural Defences: Mountain and Wide River

Points of Interest

Special Features

  • Giant Shell: 1240 feet northwest
  • Mud Pits: 2070 feet northwest
  • Abandoned Mining Complex: 1916 feet southeast


Volcanic Mountain
Elevation: 2608 feet above sea level
Distance from the Marine Coast: 503.06 miles
Rainshadow Effect: On the windward side of the Mountain
Ground Cover: 84%

Water Features

Wide River

  • Salinity: fresh
  • Depth: 279 feet
  • Width: 10.75 miles
  • Navigable: Yes
  • Upstream: Chute Waterfall
  • Downstream: Sand Bar
  • Aquatic Animals: Catfish, Smelt, and Clams


Warm Temperate Forest
Avg. Annual Temperature: 48F
Avg. Annual Precipitation: 45.59 in
Avg. Annual Snowfall: 10 feet
Seasons: Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring
Prevailing Winds: northwest to southeast

Natural Resources


  • Igneous: Basalt
  • Metamorphic: Quartzite and Gneiss
  • Sedimentary: Serpentine, Caliche, and Laterite


  • Minerals: Lye
  • Metals: Chromium and Cinnabar
  • Precious: Platinum


  • Semi-Precious: Beryl


  • Cool Seasons: Wheat, Farro, and Rye
  • Food: Wheat, Farro, and Rye


  • Leafy: Lettuce
  • Marrow: Pumpkin
  • Alium: Garlic

Utility Crops

  • Fiber: Jute


Lumber Camps

Woodcutter's Camp

  • Gathers Hickory
  • 5 workers

Ore Mines

Forage Mining

  • Gathers Chromium
  • 4 workers

Flora and Fauna

  • Livestock: Buckeye (Chicken), Alentejana (Cattle), and Black Swedish (Duck)
  • Prey: Squirrels, lizards, Elk, and Deer
  • Aquatic: Smelt, Catfish, and Clams
  • Trees: Hickory, Lemon Tree, Eucalyptus, Cottonwood, and Maple
  • Grass: Tufted Hair Grass, Grey Fescue Grass, and Feather Reed
  • Shrubs: Lentil Plant, Black Chokeberry, Hornbeam Maple, and Abelia
  • Moss: Glittering Wood Moss, Brocade Moss, and Spanish Moss
  • Vines: Cross Vine and Allegheny Vine
Ruling/Owning Rank
Characters in Location


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