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Mount Origin

Mount Origin, known also as Kailasa or Iquasilath, stands as a testament to the ancient and mystical history of Rolara. This colossal mountain, the oldest and largest on the planet, pierces the heavens with its majestic peak, visible even from the distant lands of Nery Bai in Videha.   The mountain is not just a geographical marvel, but a cornerstone of cosmic history. It is said that Banor, the ancient Elf, crafted the Stars of Power in secret within its cavernous depths. These celestial artifacts, now scattered across the cosmos, were born in the heart of this mountain, earning it the moniker "Origin of Magic."   Mount Origin is deeply intertwined with the spiritual beliefs of the people. In Videha, it is revered as the home of Mahadeva, a divine entity of great power. Its towering presence serves as a constant reminder of the divine and the magical, a symbol of the world's ancient past and the mysteries it still holds.   The mountain's grandeur is awe-inspiring, its silhouette dominating the horizon, a sight so magnificent that it has become a beacon for travelers and adventurers. Its slopes and valleys hold countless stories, tales of ancient magic, divine beings, and the birth of the cosmos itself. It is a place of reverence, mystery, and exploration, a testament to the magic and wonder that Rolara holds.

Localized Phenomena

The area is one of very few reliable natural sources for crystals theorized by some to be shards of The Mythekah. After the reignition of the Stars of Power, Mythek Vortices were noticed near the town of Three Falls.  
by theMrBeasley


The Aftermath of the Volcanic Eruption

  Approximately half a decade ago, Mount Origin underwent a cataclysmic volcanic eruption. The event was not just a geological phenomenon but a cosmic upheaval that reverberated through the very fabric of the Astral Plane. The peak, once a serene meeting point of worlds, was transformed into a surreal landscape, a fusion of molten rock and astral essence.  
The Peak's Environment: A Symphony of Chaos and Beauty
  The peak now presents a breathtaking tableau of contrasts. The once-solid rock has been transmuted into shimmering astral crystals, theorized to be shards of The Mythekah. These crystals emit a soft glow, illuminating the surroundings with an otherworldly light. The air is thick with a mixture of earthly sulfur and astral incense, a scent that is both pungent and strangely invigorating. Pools of molten lava coexist with swirling astral vortexes, creating a landscape that defies the laws of nature.   Veins of molten rock course through the peak, glowing with an inner fire that seems to pulse in time with the heartbeat of the mountain itself. These veins intersect with streams of astral energy, creating pockets of localized phenomena where the rules of physics and Magic are rewritten. It is in these pockets that adventurers have reported seeing visions, hearing Celestial music, or even experiencing brief moments of transcendence.  
Flora and Fauna: Denizens of Two Worlds
  The peak's unique environment has given rise to an equally unique ecosystem. Flora from the material plane, mutated by the astral energies, grow in bizarre formations. Trees with leaves of pure light, flowers that sing in celestial tongues, and fungi that emit auras of palpable emotion are but a few examples.   The fauna is no less extraordinary. Creatures that are native to the Astral Plane find the peak to be a hospitable environment. Ethereal beings, often mistaken for ghosts or spirits, float through the air, their forms constantly shifting and changing. These beings interact with the native wildlife of Rolara in ways that defy understanding, often merging or exchanging energies in a complex dance of life and magic.  

The Peak as a Spiritual Nexus

  The peak of Mount Origin has always been deeply intertwined with the spiritual beliefs of the people of Rolara. After the eruption, it has become a place of pilgrimage for those seeking to understand the mysteries of existence. The peak serves as a physical and metaphysical junction, a place where the boundaries between the material and astral planes are thin, and where the divine and the magical intersect.
by theMrBeasley
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Kailasa, Iquasilath, Origin of Magic
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