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G'ruk Lur (/ɡʔɹʌk lʊɹ/)

The "Stonehome" of the Goblins

Nestled within the ancient and imposing halls of Duldurg Kzar, the Starwatch Keep, lies the bustling settlement of G'ruk Lur, or "Stonehome", a name that aptly mirrors the resilient spirit of its inhabitants. The once silent necropolis is now filled with the chatter and clatter of the Aetherite-affected Goblins, who have breathed new life into these old stone halls.   As one approaches G'ruk Lur, they are greeted by the warm, flickering glow of torchlight, painting dancing shadows on the stone-carved figures of the Dwarves' Celestial explorations. The scent of roasting meat and the sharp tang of forged metal fills the air, a testament to the goblins' industrious nature. The hum of activity is ever-present, as goblins scurry about, tending to their daily tasks, their sharp eyes gleaming with a mix of curiosity and determination.   The settlement is a fascinating blend of the old and the new. The intricate mechanisms and celestial maps of the Keep are now interspersed with the Goblins' makeshift dwellings and workshops. The Grand Observatorium, once a silent monument to the Dwarves' quest for knowledge, now serves as the communal heart of G'ruk Lur. It is here that the Zargluk Council convenes, their deep, gravelly voices echoing through the vast domed chamber, their decisions shaping the course of the settlement's future.   The labyrinthine corridors and chambers of G'ruk Lur are filled with the bustle of life, a stark contrast to the silent necropolis it once was. Despite the hardships they face, the goblins are a vibrant community, their resilience and resourcefulness evident in every corner of their settlement. G'ruk Lur is not just a place of refuge for the goblins; it is a beacon of hope and a testament to their ability to adapt and thrive, even in the most unlikely of places.   G'ruk Lur is a place of paradoxes, where the past and the present intertwine, where the grandeur of an ancient civilization is mirrored in the resourceful determination of its new inhabitants. In the heart of the ancient Dwarven Keep, the goblins of G'ruk Lur have found a home, a purpose, and a glimpse of a future filled with promise and potential. Their laughter and camaraderie echo through the stone halls, a melody that breathes life into the silent monument of a bygone era, painting a vibrant picture of the here and now. The echoes of the past may reverberate through the halls of Starwatch Keep, but it is the sounds of the present, of the goblins and their bustling settlement, that truly make the stone walls of G'ruk Lur come alive.


G'ruk Lur, or Starwatch Keep as it's known to outsiders, is home to a tightly-knit community of Goblins. With the Zargluk Council as their guiding star, they have managed to establish a thriving settlement within the ancient Dwarf fortress, despite the inherent challenges of their surroundings. The total population of G'ruk Lur is around 500, a relatively small community, but one teeming with the hustle and bustle of Goblin life.   The demographics of G'ruk Lur are as varied as the intricate Celestial maps carved into the Keep's walls. The majority of the population, around 70%, are adult Goblins. They are the backbone of the community, contributing to the daily functioning of the settlement through their diverse roles. Some are involved in exploring the Keep's labyrinthine corridors, seeking out undiscovered chambers and unearthing hidden treasures. Others are artisans, repairing and repurposing ancient dwarf artifacts, or food gatherers and cooks, tasked with feeding the populace. There are also scholars among them, poring over the celestial maps and mechanisms, trying to decipher the Keep's secrets.   About 20% of the population are young Goblins, or "Gruklets", as they are fondly called in the local Goblin tongue. The Gruklets are the future of G'ruk Lur, and the council is keen on educating them about the Keep's history and celestial knowledge, nurturing a new generation of star-gazers and explorers.   The remaining 10% are the elderly Goblins, revered for their wisdom and experience. Although they may not partake in the physically demanding tasks, they are often consulted for advice and play a crucial role in passing on the tribal lore and traditions to the younger generation.   While the community thrives on unity and shared purpose, it has also seen its share of conflict. One such incident involved an Aetherite-Goblin named Grimduke, once a respected member of the community. However, Grimduke's greed for power and disregard for the council's authority led to his banishment from G'ruk Lur. His name is now a warning to the rest of the community about the dire consequences of putting personal ambition before the welfare of the tribe.   G'ruk Lur, despite its small size, is a dynamic community of Goblins living in harmony with their past and looking forward to the future. Their story is a testament to the power of unity, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge.


The Zargluk Council is the governing body of the Goblin settlement, G'ruk Lur, nestled within the stone-carved halls of Starwatch Keep, or Duldurg Kzar, as it is known in the Goblin language. The council is comprised of Aetherite-effected Goblins, who have been chosen for their understanding of the Celestial secrets imbued within the Keep. Their meeting place is the heart of the Grand Observatorium, under the dormant orrery whose once moving celestial bodies now stand as a fixed tableau overhead, symbolizing their shared purpose.   The name "Zargluk" translates to 'wisdom of the stars', representing the council's role in navigating the tribe through the labyrinth of past wisdom and future possibilities. Debates in the council often revolve around the exploration of new chambers, the interpretation of celestial patterns, and the harnessing of lingering raw magic. The decisions made by the council significantly shape the daily life within G'ruk Lur and the future trajectory of the tribe.   The Zargluk Council operates on a principle of collective welfare, with each member's voice having equal weight in the decision-making process. This democratic structure encourages respectful and meaningful debates that echo throughout the vast domed chamber of the Grand Observatorium. In this way, the Zargluk Council embodies the tribe's resilience, their aspiration to glean wisdom from the past, and their relentless quest to carve a prosperous future from the stone and magic of their Skybone Castle.   The council also oversees the implementation of laws within G'ruk Lur, primarily focused on maintaining peace and order within the community. This includes ensuring the fair distribution of resources discovered within the Keep, the allocation of labor for the maintenance and exploration of the Keep, and the enforcement of rules related to the respectful treatment of the ancient celestial mechanisms and the edicts of the Keep.   Taxation in G'ruk Lur, referred to as "Grobluk" in Goblin language (literally translated as "tribe share"), is a communal system where all members contribute a portion of their findings from explorations or work within the Keep. These contributions are then redistributed as per the needs of the tribe, ensuring a sustainable living environment for all members.   Despite the many challenges they face, the Zargluk Council successfully guides their tribe through a harmonious blend of respect for the past and anticipation for the future. Their governance echoes the vibrant pulse of a community reborn under their guidance, and their story, etched in the stone of Duldurg Kzar, stands as a testament to survival, adaptation, and the indomitable spirit of discovery.
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