Zargluk Council (/ˈzɑːrɡlʊk/)

The Guiding Star of G'ruk Lur

In the silent, stone-carved halls of Duldurg Kzar—known to outsiders as Starwatch Keep—the echoes of ancient Celestial wisdom intermingle with the bustling chatter of the Goblin language. Here, the Zargluk Council, a body of Aetherite-effected Goblins, holds sway, guiding their tribe within the monolithic fortress that they have made their Stonehome: G'ruk Lur.   The council members, illuminated by the flickering torchlight against the intricate celestial maps and mechanisms, gather in a semi-circle within the heart of the Grand Observatorium. Each member's countenance, hardened by survival and softened by newfound stability, bears an expression of solemn respect for the duty they uphold. Their diverse origins have converged into a shared destiny, woven together by the magic-infused threads of the Keep's ancient story.   These leaders, chosen for their understanding of the Keep's celestial secrets, stand as the guiding stars for their tribe. Their decisions, though often challenging, are made with the collective welfare in mind. The Zargluk Council, named after their revered 'wisdom of the stars', seeks to navigate their tribe through the labyrinth of past wisdom and future possibilities.   They meet under the dormant orrery, its once moving celestial bodies now a fixed tableau above them, a constant reminder of their purpose. Their discussions, sometimes heated but always respectful, echo through the vast domed chamber. The Council debates the exploration of new chambers, the study of celestial patterns, and the harnessing of lingering raw magic. Their decisions shape the daily life within G'ruk Lur and the future trajectory of their tribe.   The Zargluk Council symbolizes more than just authority; it is the embodiment of the tribe's resilience, their aspiration to glean wisdom from the past, and their relentless quest to carve a prosperous future from the stone and magic of their Skybone Castle. The stone halls, once a silent monument to a long-lost civilization, now resonate with the vibrant pulse of a community reborn under the guidance of the Zargluk Council. Their story, etched in the stone of Duldurg Kzar, is a testament to survival, adaptation, and the indomitable spirit of discovery.
Geopolitical, Town Council
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