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The Firstborn Patriarch and Bringer of Law

A Divine Journey from Order to Magic: The Legacy of Banor in Rolara

Banor, the firstborn and patriarch of all Elf people, was a revered deity known for bringing Law to Rolara. With the world's blessing, he tamed a part of her wilds for himself and his children. According to some Elf lore, Banor created the Stars of Power while in seclusion at Mount Origin. His consort, the Queen of Arvandor, Mythericalca, was either instrumental in the creation of the Stars of Power or met Banor centuries later. Their love affair was passionate but short-lived.   Banor was eventually rejected by the Elves for a perceived betrayal of their divinity and replaced as the primary deity of the Elven Pantheon by his daughter Banoranthae. However, the Humans of Tatharia continued to worship him as a civilization bringer. With the reignition of the Stars of Power, some congregations associated Banor with magic, hinting at a possible change in his divine portfolio.   In Tatharia Capitolina, worshippers of Banor grew increasingly vocal in their frustrations about the rapid advancements made at the Laboratorium. They were concerned that these developments could lead to an imbalance in the world, with technology and magic being used irresponsibly and without the wisdom and guidance of their deity. This tension between progress and the principles of Banor's faith would shape the ongoing debate in Tatharia Capitolina and beyond.

Divine Domains

Banor's divine domains encompassed the aspects of order, civilization, agriculture, magic, and technology, reflecting his role in the development of the world and the lives of its inhabitants.   Order: As the bringer of law and order to the world, Banor sought to maintain structure and stability, ensuring the smooth functioning of society and providing a framework for peaceful coexistence.   Civilization: Banor played a crucial role in the establishment of civilizations across the world, providing guidance and wisdom to those who sought to build thriving societies and share their knowledge with others.   Agriculture: The domain of agriculture represented Banor's commitment to the nourishment and sustenance of the world's inhabitants, teaching them to cultivate the land and harness its bounty.   Magic: With the creation of the Stars of Power, Banor's influence over the domain of magic was immense. He sought to guide and regulate the use of magic, ensuring it was harnessed for the betterment of all.   Technology: As a deity associated with innovation and progress, Banor's domain of technology emphasized the importance of advancing society and improving the lives of its inhabitants through the use of new inventions and discoveries.


Banor was associated with several legendary artifacts, each imbued with his divine power and symbolizing different aspects of his divine domains.   The Scepter of Order: This magnificent scepter was said to grant its wielder the ability to maintain order and enforce laws with unwavering authority.   The Crown of Civilizations: This ancient crown was believed to bestow the wearer with the wisdom and knowledge required to build and govern prosperous societies.   The Orb of Arcane Harmony: This mysterious orb was rumored to help its possessor channel and control arcane energies with unparalleled skill, ensuring that magic was always used for the greater good.

Holy Books & Codes

The teachings of Banor were passed down through holy books and codes that provided guidance on maintaining order, cultivating civilization, and responsibly wielding the powers of magic and technology.   The Book of Laws: This sacred tome contained the laws and principles established by Banor himself, providing a framework for the governance and stability of societies across the world.   The Codex of Civilization: This revered text outlined the principles of building and maintaining civilizations, offering guidance on diplomacy, infrastructure, and the importance of sharing knowledge.   The Arcane Compendium: The Arcane Compendium was a collection of magical knowledge and wisdom, chronicling the creation of the Stars of Power and the proper use of magic for the betterment of all.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Banor's divine symbols and sigils were revered by the Elves and Humans alike, embodying his role as a bringer of law, civilization, and knowledge.   The Pillar of Order: This symbol represented Banor's commitment to order and stability. It was depicted as a pillar standing tall amidst chaos, a beacon of hope and guidance for those who sought to bring civilization to the world.   The Scales of Justice: A symbol of balance and fairness, the Scales of Justice signified Banor's commitment to upholding justice and ensuring that all beings were treated fairly within the bounds of civilization.   The Star of Power: This sigil represented the Stars of Power, the mythical artifacts created by Banor that were thought to be the source of arcane magic. It served as a reminder of the immense power and responsibility wielded by those who practiced magic and the need to use it wisely.

Tenets of Faith

The followers of Banor abided by certain tenets of faith, which guided their actions and beliefs in the pursuit of a just and harmonious world.   Uphold the Law: The faithful were expected to obey and enforce the laws of their societies, promoting order and stability.   Spread Civilization: Banor's followers sought to expand the reach of civilization, sharing knowledge and fostering cooperation between societies.   Responsible Use of Magic and Technology: Adherents of Banor's faith were expected to use magic and technology responsibly, ensuring that their actions benefited all and did not disrupt the balance of the world.


Several holidays celebrated the divine influence of Banor and his contributions to the world. These celebrations brought people together to honor and remember the importance of law, civilization, and the responsible use of magic and technology.   The Day of Ascension: This holiday marked the day when Banor first brought law and order to the world. Festivities included parades, speeches, and the reaffirmation of societal rules and principles.   The Festival of Civilizations: This multi-day event celebrated the founding of cities and the spread of knowledge across the world. Citizens participated in cultural exchanges, sharing their heritage, knowledge, and innovations with each other.   The Stars of Power Commemoration: This solemn observance honored the creation of the Stars of Power and the birth of arcane magic. Practitioners of magic gathered to reflect on their responsibilities and pledge to use their powers for the betterment of all.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Banor's divine goals reflected his commitment to creating a harmonious and just world through the establishment of order, the advancement of civilization, and the responsible use of magic and technology.   Establish Universal Order: Banor sought to create a world where all societies were governed by just laws and principles, promoting peace and stability.   Promote Interconnected Civilizations: By encouraging the sharing of knowledge and the establishment of diplomatic ties, Banor aimed to create a global network of thriving civilizations working together for mutual benefit.   Regulate Magic and Technology: Banor was dedicated to ensuring that the powers of magic and technology were harnessed for the good of all, preventing their misuse and the potential harm they could cause to the world.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As the revered deity known for bringing law to Rolara and the patriarch of all Elf people, Banor emanates a distinct aura of majesty and power. His tall, imposing figure is adorned with the signs of his divine domains, including the Scepter of Order in one hand and the Orb of Arcane Harmony in the other, symbolizing his dominion over law and magic. His elven features, characterized by sharp, wise eyes and pointed ears, are etched with the lines of ageless wisdom, while his attire, elegant and simple, is indicative of a being who values order and harmony above ostentation.

Facial Features

Banor's face, a striking panorama of otherworldly beauty and timeless wisdom, forms an unforgettable portrait etched into the hearts of his followers. His high cheekbones, bearing the chiseled grace of Elven lineage, frame a set of piercing eyes, the color of which can only be described as an enigmatic amethyst glow. This ethereal luminescence, shimmering within the depths of his gaze, speaks volumes of the mysterious arcane power he wields and the divine wisdom he embodies.   A web of fine lines, almost invisible, crisscrosses his visage, each one a testament to the countless centuries of law-bringing and civilization-building, the silent witnesses to his ageless existence. His skin, despite the passage of time, retains a flawless, porcelain-like quality, a stark contrast to the rugged world he has tamed and cultivated.   His long, pointed ears, a characteristic feature of his Elven heritage, arch elegantly upwards, their tips almost touching the tendrils of his silver-white hair. These ears, more than just a symbol of his race, serve as a visual reminder of his eternal vigilance, ever alert to the harmony of the cosmos and the whispered needs of his people.   The countenance of Banor is thus a visage of sublime serenity, a testament to his divine purpose, and an everlasting beacon of guidance and hope to his followers. It is, in essence, the face of the law-bringer, the civilization-builder, and the magic-weaver of Rolara.



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Towards Banor

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Mythericalca (Queen Consort)
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