Banoranthae was the daughter of Banor, and among the Elven Pantheon, she was known as the goddess of Magic. The Eladrin of Moredge fervently worshiped her, believing that their faith in her might have been partially responsible for the fact that not all magic was sealed during the Extinguishment of the Stars. The fey of the Moonwilde celebrated Banoranthae periodically with displays of beautiful and violent magic for all to see. When magic was sealed on Rolara, the fey courts decided to separate the Feywild from the Prime Material Plane and formed the Moonwilde, taking Banoranthae with them.

Divine Domains

Banoranthae's divine domains encompassed the preservation and nurturing of magic in the world, as well as the protection of her Eladrin and Elf followers.   Light, Arcana, Protection.


Several legendary artifacts were associated with Banoranthae, each imbued with her divine power and symbolizing different aspects of her domains.   The Starfire Scepter: This powerful scepter granted its wielder mastery over arcane forces, symbolizing Banoranthae's connection to the Stars of Power and her reignition of the celestial sources of magic.   The Moonwilde Amulet: This amulet was said to provide its wearer with a deep connection to the fey and the Moonwilde, allowing them to tap into the magical essence of the realm under Banoranthae's guidance.   The Ethereal Grimoire: This legendary spellbook contained unique and powerful spells, granted only to the most devoted followers of Banoranthae, demonstrating her role as the goddess of Magic and the protector of arcane knowledge.

Holy Books & Codes

Banoranthae's teachings and wisdom were recorded in various holy books and codes, which her followers cherished and revered.   The Grimoire of the Stars: This ancient tome detailed the creation and reignition of the Stars of Power, as well as Banoranthae's role in preserving magic during the Extinguishment.   The Moonwilde Chronicles: A sacred text that recounted the history of the Moonwilde, the Feywild's magical realm, and Banoranthae's influence on its formation and separation from the Prime Material Plane.   The Arcane Codex: A compilation of magical knowledge, spells, and rituals dedicated to Banoranthae, the goddess of Magic, for her followers to study and practice.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Banoranthae, the daughter of Banor, was known as the goddess of Magic among the Elven Pantheon. Her divine symbols and sigils represented the magical powers she wielded and bestowed upon her faithful followers.   The Ethereal Flame: Depicting a mystical, ever-burning flame, this symbol signified Banoranthae's eternal connection to the arcane and her role in preserving magic in the world.   The Star of Arcana: A radiant, multi-pointed star symbolized Banoranthae's divine association with the Stars of Power, and her reignition of the celestial sources of magic.   The Moonwilde Sigil: Representing the Feywild's magical realm, this intricate sigil served as a reminder of Banoranthae's presence and influence within the Moonwilde, the realm of the fey.

Tenets of Faith

Banoranthae's followers adhered to certain tenets of faith that guided their actions and beliefs in the pursuit of preserving and nurturing magic in the world.   Preserve the Arcane: Followers were expected to safeguard and protect magical knowledge, ensuring its continued existence and prosperity.   Seek Magical Wisdom: Adherents were encouraged to study and practice magic, seeking Banoranthae's guidance and wisdom in their arcane pursuits.   Honor the Fey Connection: The faithful were called to respect and maintain their connection to the fey and the Moonwilde, recognizing Banoranthae's influence in the magical realm.


Banoranthae's followers celebrated several holidays to honor her divine influence and the blessings she brought to the world of magic.   The Festival of Eternal Flame: This day marked the preservation of magic during the Extinguishment of the Stars, and was celebrated with great displays of magical prowess and arcane knowledge.   The Moonwilde Revel: A grand celebration held within the Moonwilde, where fey creatures and Eladrin gathered to pay homage to Banoranthae and enjoy the beauty and power of the magical realm.   The Star Reignition Day: A proposed holiday to commemorate the reignition of the Stars of Power, and Banoranthae's role in reigniting the celestial sources of magic.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Banoranthae's divine goals centered around the preservation and nurturing of magic, ensuring the survival and prosperity of her Eladrin and Elf followers, and maintaining the balance between the Prime Material Plane and the Moonwilde.   Protect Magical Heritage: Banoranthae sought to protect and preserve the magical heritage of her followers, ensuring that the arcane arts continued to thrive.   Maintain Balance: The goddess aimed to maintain the balance between the Prime Material Plane and the Moonwilde, ensuring the stability and prosperity of both realms.   Foster Magical Growth: Banoranthae endeavored to foster the growth and development of magical knowledge and power among her followers, inspiring them to reach new heights in their arcane pursuits.




Towards Banoranthae




Towards Mythannara



Sibling (Important)

Towards Banoranthae




Sibling (Vital)

Towards Arturian



Divine Classification
Elven Deity
Currently Held Titles
Mythannara (Half-Sibling)
Arturian (Sibling)


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