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The Heart of Rolara: Discovering Aermond

Nestled in the heartland of a vast plain, cradled by the serene arms of two great land-locked lakes, there lies the independent kingdom of Aermond. A realm of rich history and vibrant culture, its roots run deep, spanning five generations under the steadfast rule of its current royal lineage. Yet, Aermond is more than just a kingdom—it is a realm cloaked in whispers, threaded with secrets and tales that flutter in the wind like the wings of unseen spirits.   The landscape of Aermond is one of stark contrasts, a testament to nature's capricious whims. To the northwest and southeast, the placid waters of the lakes stretch out like mirrors reflecting the heavens, their calm surface belying the teeming life beneath. Beyond the eastern lake, the Suile Forest, the Forest of Eyes, spreads its verdant arms, an emerald sea filled with creatures that watch with unseen eyes. To the south, the proud peak of Jolneau Rise stretches towards the sky, a silent sentinel standing guard over the kingdom.   Yet, the plains that embrace Aermond are not as benign as they seem. As twilight descends, they become a stage for spectral battles, the fallen soldiers of bygone eras rising each night to wage their endless wars. Despite the danger, the lure of the plains remains potent. Fantastic beasts roam the landscape, and buried in the earth are treasures lost to time, remnants of ancient civilizations that once thrived here. Such promises of wealth and adventure ensure that trading caravans from the bustling hubs like Shamsi-Adad brave the haunted fields, their eyes set on the prize.   At the heart of Aermond, the royal family reigns, their rule unbroken for five generations. Yet, rumor has it that they owe their continued existence to an unseen guardian, an assassin in the shadows who is always watching, always protecting. The rumors are rife with speculation and conjecture, painting the assassin as a spectral wraith, a specter of vengeance, or even a scorned lover turned protector. A particular whisper hints at a woman, a figure from the realm of twilight, elusive as the Moon behind a veil of clouds, her eyes holding an unfathomable depth akin to the Abyss from which no light escapes.   Aermond is a kingdom of many faces, a tapestry woven from threads of history, mystery, and intrigue. It is a realm that invites you to look closer, to delve deeper, to uncover the secrets buried beneath its surface. But beware, for not all secrets are meant to be unveiled, and some shadows are best left unexplored.


Aermond is home to a population of 4,819 individuals, the majority of whom are humans. The general attitude of the Aermondi is one of suspicion and critical thinking, perhaps a result of the kingdom's rich history and the spectral battles that haunt the plains.  
  The population of Aermond is distributed across various age groups and social categories. Children, defined as individuals below the age of 18, make up approximately 19% of the population, totaling 916. The majority of the population is comprised of adults, numbering 3,517, which accounts for about 73% of the total population. The elderly, those above the age of 65, make up around 8% of the population, totaling 386 individuals.   In terms of health, 491 individuals, or approximately 10% of the population, are categorized as ill or infirm. This could be due to various factors, including the spectral battles that occur in the plains and the adventurous nature of the Aermondi who brave these haunted fields.   There are 36 known criminals in Aermond, a relatively low number considering the total population. This could be attributed to the rumored presence of an unseen guardian who is speculated to protect the kingdom and maintain order.   The urban-rural divide in Aermond is quite pronounced, with the urban population significantly outnumbering the rural. The urban population, residing in the bustling heart of Aermond and contributing to its vibrant culture and commerce, numbers 3,828, making up about 79% of the total population. The rural population, living in areas closer to the natural landscapes such as the lakes and the Suile Forest, numbers 991, accounting for the remaining 21% of the population.


The Kingdom of Aermond is an absolute monarchy, governed by the Aermond Royal Family. The family has been in power for five generations, demonstrating their enduring leadership and the power of their heritage. The current monarch, King Alaric, is a figure of strength and resilience, often found in his grand study, his gaze lost in maps and reports from far-flung corners of the realm. His queen, Seraphine, is a beacon of elegance and fortitude, her presence a calming influence within the castle walls. Their daughter, Princess Isolde, is the heir apparent, a young spirit with a curious mind, being groomed to understand the responsibilities of ruling the kingdom.   The governance of Aermond is a delicate dance of power and responsibility. The royal family, through a well-structured hierarchy of advisors, ministers, and local lords, ensures the smooth functioning of the kingdom. Each member of this intricate network plays a crucial role, their duties interwoven like threads in a grand tapestry of governance.   At the apex of the hierarchy is the King, who is the ultimate authority in the kingdom, responsible for making major decisions, upholding laws, and ensuring the welfare of the kingdom's inhabitants. The Queen supports the King in his duties, often taking on a diplomatic role, fostering relationships with other kingdoms and managing affairs within the court. The heir apparent to the throne is involved in courtly matters and is prepared to take on the role of monarch in the future.   Nobles, including dukes, counts, and barons, are responsible for governing specific regions within the kingdom. They maintain peace, enforce laws, and manage tax collection in their respective territories. Courtiers serve at the royal court in various capacities. Advisors provide counsel to the King on state matters, diplomats manage external relations, and chamberlains oversee the running of the royal household.   The laws of Aermond are created by the King, often in consultation with a council of advisors. These laws are meticulously documented by a group of royal scribes, who ensure that every decree, amendment, and provision is recorded in the kingdom's Grand Archive. The enforcement of laws is a responsibility shared across the hierarchy of the kingdom. The King and Queen, along with their council, oversee the overall enforcement at the kingdom level.   In conclusion, the Kingdom of Aermond's government is a well-defined hierarchy of roles, each with its own set of responsibilities. This structure, from the King down to the servants, ensures the effective governance and smooth operation of the kingdom.


Aermond's defense strategy is a unique blend of natural barriers and military prowess, which has been honed over generations. The kingdom's defenses are not marked by towering walls or fortresses, but rather by the natural landscape and the spectral phenomena that occur within its borders.  
  • Walls: None
    Aermond does not rely on traditional walls for its defense. The kingdom's location, nestled between two large lakes and bordered by the verdant Suile Forest and the towering Jolneau Rise, provides natural barriers that are difficult for any invading force to overcome. The absence of walls also allows for unimpeded trade and travel, essential for a kingdom that thrives on commerce and exploration.
  • Natural Defences: Cuesta
    The Cuesta, a natural land formation, serves as a formidable defense against magical beasts and gargantuan monsters. The steep slope and rugged terrain of the Cuesta are challenging for these creatures to navigate, providing a natural deterrent. Furthermore, the spectral battles that occur on the plains of Aermond each twilight add an additional layer of defense. These spectral warriors, though not under the control of the kingdom, create a dangerous and unpredictable battlefield that deters potential threats.
  • Military: Battle-Ready
    The Kingdom of Aermond boasts a battle-ready army, prepared to defend their land at a moment's notice. The soldiers are well-trained and experienced, many having faced the spectral battles of the plains and the beasts of the Suile Forest. The kingdom also receives support from various holds under its rule, providing a diverse and robust force capable of responding to a wide range of threats.
  • Unseen Guardian: Protector in the Shadows
    Rumors suggest the existence of an unseen guardian, a figure shrouded in mystery who is always watching and protecting the kingdom. This figure, speculated to be an assassin, adds an additional layer of defense, their presence serving as a deterrent to potential threats.


Aermond's infrastructure reflects its rich history and vibrant culture, providing a solid foundation for the kingdom's bustling activity and growth.   Road Construction: The kingdom boasts an extensive network of stone-paved roads, a testament to its advanced engineering skills. These roads connect the various parts of the kingdom, facilitating trade and travel. They are particularly crucial for the trading caravans that brave the haunted plains to reach Aermond, providing them with safe and reliable routes.   Main Irrigation: Water is a vital resource in Aermond, given its location between two large lakes. The kingdom's primary source of irrigation is wells, which are likely spread throughout the kingdom. This system ensures a steady supply of water for both the population and the verdant landscapes that characterize Aermond.   Number of Districts: Aermond is divided into two main districts, each likely having its unique characteristics and roles within the kingdom. These districts could be the centers of commerce, culture, and governance, contributing to the kingdom's diversity and vibrancy.   The infrastructure of Aermond, from its stone-paved roads to its well-based irrigation system, plays a crucial role in supporting the kingdom's daily operations and its continued growth. It is a testament to the kingdom's resilience and adaptability, reflecting its ability to harness its rich natural resources and its commitment to maintaining a stable and prosperous realm.


  1. Palace District
    The Palace District is the heart of Aermond, home to the Sunstone Palace and its grounds. This district is the seat of the royal family and is known for its grand architecture and well-maintained gardens. The district is a symbol of the kingdom's rich history and vibrant culture.
  3. The Stenchways
    Formerly known as District 1, The Stenchways is a district primarily known for its odoriferous businesses. With a population of 689, the district is characterized by its stone buildings, with clay-lined fiber and wooden structures also common. Despite its foul cleanliness and condemned upkeep, The Stenchways remains an integral part of Aermond's economy.
  5. Market's Hearth
    District 2, now known as Market's Hearth, is the bustling market district of Aermond. Home to 115 people, the district is filled with clay-lined fiber buildings, with thatched structures also dotting the landscape. The aesthetics of Market's Hearth are basic, but its cleanliness is orderly and its upkeep is handsome. This district is the hub of commerce in Aermond, with traders from all over the kingdom and beyond coming to sell their goods.


Aermond, being a realm of rich resources and diverse landscapes, boasts a variety of assets that contribute to its prosperity and cultural richness.  

Stone Quarries

The kingdom is home to several stone quarries, the most notable of which is the "Chalk Haven". This quarry, known for its abundant chalk deposits, employs 24 dedicated workers who tirelessly extract the valuable mineral. The chalk from Chalk Haven is used in various industries across Aermond, from construction to artistry, making it a vital asset to the kingdom's economy.  

Lumber Camps

Aermond's vast expanses of Red Oak forests provide a significant source of timber for the kingdom. Two major lumber camps, "Oakheart Camp" and "Redwood Retreat", are responsible for the gathering of this resource. Oakheart Camp, with its 13 workers, and Redwood Retreat, with 11 workers, ensure a steady supply of Red Oak for construction, furniture making, and other crafts.  

Ore Mines

The "Golden Crest Mine", an open pit mine, is a significant asset to Aermond. With 25 workers dedicated to the extraction of gold, this mine contributes substantially to the kingdom's wealth. The gold from Golden Crest is used in various industries, including jewelry making, coin minting, and in certain magical applications.  

Additional Assets

Beyond these, Aermond boasts several other assets that add to its charm and prosperity. The "Twilight Herbary" is a renowned apothecary that cultivates and sells a variety of medicinal herbs and plants, some of which are known to have mild magical properties. The "Spectral Silk Weavery" is a textile industry that produces high-quality silk fabrics, rumored to be woven with threads as fine as moonlight. The "Abyss Ale Brewery" is a popular establishment that brews unique ales and spirits, using secret recipes passed down through generations. Each of these assets, in their own way, contribute to the vibrant tapestry that is Aermond.

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  • Ancient Shipwreck: 1.35 miles northwest
  • Sacred Ground: 2.71 miles northeast
  • Cuesta: 2.12 miles northeast
  • War Memorial: 1.95 miles southeast
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