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Aermond Royal Family

The Royal Patrons of Rolara: The Aermond Family

In the Kingdom of Aermond, nestled in the heartland of Rolara, the castle's stone halls echoed with life. The royal family was busied with their daily tasks, each member engrossed in their own world, oblivious to the looming shadow of a forgotten promise.   King Alaric, a robust man with a mantle of leadership that never seemed to weigh him down, sat in his grand study. Maps of distant cities were spread out on the oaken table before him, the reports of magic users from far-off places disturbing his usual calm demeanor. He traced the reports with a heavy heart, his mind wandering to old tales of Wizard's Bane. His rational mind dismissed them as nothing more than folklore, yet a nagging unease lurked at the back of his thoughts. He glanced out of the window, his eyes trailing to the shadowy figure of their protector in the distance, an unvoiced worry furrowing his brow.   Queen Seraphine, a woman of elegant beauty and silent strength, moved gracefully through the castle, her mind preoccupied. As a young girl, she too had visions, strange glimpses into a reality that seemed just beyond her grasp. She chose to ignore them, and they faded like the morning mist. But now, her daughter, Isolde, spoke of similar dreams, and it filled her heart with unease.   Isolde, the young princess with an untamed spirit and twinkling eyes, was haunted by visions she couldn't understand. Images of the New Wood and unknown faces swam before her, their significance a mystery to her. She had heard of the ancient sword, Wizard's Bane, from the old stories, but never did she imagine it would invade her dreams. She longed to understand the meaning of these visions, a fervor growing within her, one she could not quench.   On the surface, their lives were untouched by the forgotten oath to the sword, Wizard's Bane. But deep within, unknown to them, the ripples of the past were beginning to stir.   The sword, wrought from enigmatic black metal, lay dormant. Its power, once used to eat any magic that dared come near, was quiet, as if slumbering. The blade, once a sentinel against the arcane, lay waiting, its hunger a silent testament to its latent power. It hungered for the magic it was designed to devour, its power increasing with each spell it consumed. A curse lay upon it, an unbreakable bond with its wielder, a bond that even the most powerful spells could not sever. A sword of such magnitude, yet its tale was lost in the annals of time, a mere echo of its once revered legend.   The royal family of Aermond, oblivious to the legacy that their ancestors had sworn to protect, continued their lives. But destiny has a way of making itself known, and the forgotten oath was about to stir from its slumber, ready to be remembered once more.

"From Dusk to Dawn, We Prevail."

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