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Star of Evocation

Echoes of Another Epoch

  In the dimly lit chamber of Zhal'Firith, where the walls themselves seemed to hum with ancient power, Prefect Niki Momeni stood before the arcane dynamo. The pulsating core of the fortress emitted a soft, ethereal glow, casting elongated shadows that danced like wraiths across the room. Her eyes, accustomed to the perpetual twilight of the chamber, studied the intricate carvings on the walls—draconic motifs that told tales of valor and wisdom, now interspersed with the stark, utilitarian lines of Tatharian engineering.   "Prefect, the barriers are fully operational. The watchtowers report no signs of intrusion," said Lieutenant Varian, his voice tinged with a mechanical resonance as it carried through the magical communication orb.   "Very well. Keep the sentry constructs on high alert. We cannot afford even the slightest lapse," Momeni responded, her voice betraying no emotion. She knew that the fortress, for all its grandeur and might, was a sleeping giant that had only recently been roused. Its defenses, though formidable, were still being understood, still being mastered.   As she turned to leave, her gaze fell upon an ancient inscription, a remnant of the Dragonborn's original design. It was a proverb, etched in the sinuous script of the Draconic tongue, and it spoke of the duality of power—its capacity to both create and destroy. Momeni pondered the weight of those words, the responsibility they carried. Zhal'Firith was more than just stone and Magic; it was a living testament to the complexities of heritage and the ever-changing nature of power.   With a final glance at the arcane dynamo, she stepped out of the chamber, her armor clinking softly against the enchanted stone floor. As she walked through the labyrinthine corridors of Zhal'Firith, past automated crossbows and arcane turrets, past Dragonborn carvings and Tatharian fortifications, she couldn't shake off the feeling that the fortress was watching her, judging her, as if it were a sentient being.

Purpose / Function

Zhal'Firith, known in Common as the "Bastion of Echoing Will," is an arcane mechanism of immense complexity and power. Initially constructed by the Dragonborn of Aikibira during the Epoch of Miracles, this grand edifice has undergone significant transformations in both purpose and governance. Currently under the control of the Tatharian Empire, Zhal'Firith serves as a testament to the fluidity of cultural heritage and the complexities of arcane power.  

Original Purpose

  The original intent behind Zhal'Firith was to serve as a military compound for the Dragonborn, harnessing the Star of Evocation's immense power. It was designed to be a fortress of both defense and offense, equipped with automated weapons, mobile sentry constructs—both aerial and bipedal—and a complex dynamo powered by the Star of Evocation. The Dragonborn envisioned it as a pinnacle of their civilization's magical and technological advancements, a safeguard against external threats, and a symbol of their mastery over the arcane arts.  

Intended Purpose Under Tatharian Control

  Under the Tatharian Empire's governance, Zhal'Firith has retained much of its original military functionality but has also been adapted to serve the empire's broader geopolitical aims. The Tatharians, known for their military prowess and centralized governance, have incorporated Zhal'Firith into their defense infrastructure. However, they also see it as a symbol of their empire's might and a tool for further territorial expansion. The reactivation of the Star of Evocation has made Zhal'Firith a focal point in the empire's military strategy, serving both as a deterrent against external threats and as a staging ground for future campaigns.  

Philosophical and Cultural Implications

  The dual nature of Zhal'Firith's purpose—both original and current—raises questions about the ethics and responsibilities associated with wielding such immense power. While the Dragonborn constructed it with a sense of caution and respect for the arcane, the Tatharian Empire's more utilitarian approach reflects their broader political and military ambitions. This shift in purpose has sparked debates among scholars and ethicists about the complexities of cultural heritage, the stewardship of arcane power, and the ethical dimensions of military expansionism.


Originally, Zhal'Firith was situated on an island off the misty coast of Aikibira, the lost continent. However, it was rediscovered at the peak of a mountain thousands of miles away by Balasar, a Dragonborn native to Aikibira, and Daren Tor, a Tatharian artificer. Balasar, despite being born in Aikibira, has never been able to find his way back to the lost continent, which remains shrouded in mystery and is lost somewhere in the vast oceans.  

Alterations Over Time

Structural Modifications
  Over the centuries, Zhal'Firith has undergone several structural modifications. The original Dragonborn architecture, characterized by intricate carvings and draconic motifs, has been supplemented with Tatharian engineering. The Tatharians have added reinforced walls, watchtowers, and additional chambers to house their military personnel.  
Technological Upgrades
  The Tatharians have also integrated their own technological advancements into the arcane mechanism. Automated crossbows, arcane turrets, and magical barriers have been installed to enhance the fortress's defensive capabilities. These upgrades serve the Tatharian Empire's broader geopolitical aims, including territorial expansion and deterrence against external threats.  
Arcane Dynamo
  The arcane dynamo, originally powered by the Star of Evocation, has been modified to accommodate Tatharian gemcore technology. This allows for more efficient energy utilization and offers a backup power source, should the Star of Evocation be compromised.


The architectural style of Zhal'Firith is a unique amalgamation of Dragonborn and Tatharian elements, each contributing distinct characteristics that make the structure a marvel of both magical and engineering prowess.  

Dragonborn Elements

  The original Dragonborn architecture is characterized by intricate carvings, draconic motifs, and a focus on verticality that reflects their culture's deep respect for dragons and the arcane. The use of rare and magically-infused materials, such as enchanted stone and dragon-scale tiles, not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also serves functional purposes, enhancing the structure's magical conductivity and defensive capabilities. The Dragonborn's architectural style is deeply rooted in their cultural symbolism, with each carving and motif serving as a representation of their history, myths, and arcane knowledge.  

Tatharian Additions

  Upon taking control of Zhal'Firith, the Tatharians introduced their own architectural elements, which are more utilitarian and militaristic in nature. The Tatharian style is characterized by reinforced walls, watchtowers, and additional chambers designed to house military personnel and equipment. The use of heavy stone and metal, often enchanted for added durability, reflects the Tatharian Empire's focus on strength and defense. Their architectural additions are less ornate but highly functional, designed to withstand sieges and magical attacks.  

Fusion of Styles

  The resulting architectural style of Zhal'Firith is a harmonious fusion of these two distinct approaches. The Dragonborn's intricate carvings and motifs have been preserved, but they are now complemented by Tatharian engineering that adds a layer of practicality and robustness to the structure. This fusion not only serves the building's evolving purposes but also stands as a testament to the complexities of cultural exchange and adaptation.


Automated Weapons
  The original Dragonborn design included a series of automated weapons that were powered by the Star of Evocation. These ranged from enchanted ballistae to magical energy projectors that could unleash devastating arcane blasts.  
Mobile Sentry Constructs
  The Dragonborn also employed mobile sentry constructs, both aerial and bipedal, to patrol the fortress's perimeter. These constructs were designed to be highly responsive and could be remotely controlled through a central command system.  
Arcane Dynamo
  At the heart of the Dragonborn's defensive system was an arcane dynamo powered by the Star of Evocation. This dynamo served as the energy source for the fortress's various defensive mechanisms, ensuring a constant flow of magical power.  

Tatharian Additions

Reinforced Walls and Watchtowers
  The Tatharians have added reinforced walls made of enchanted stone and metal to withstand both physical and magical attacks. Watchtowers equipped with arcane turrets have also been erected at strategic points to provide a vantage point for surveillance and long-range attacks.  
Automated Crossbows and Arcane Turrets
  The Tatharians have integrated their own technological advancements, including automated crossbows and arcane turrets. These are designed to target intruders automatically and can be manually overridden for precision attacks.  
Magical Barriers
  To further bolster the fortress's defenses, the Tatharians have installed magical barriers at key entry and exit points. These barriers can be activated in times of siege to create an impenetrable shield around the fortress.  
Gemcore Technology
  The original arcane dynamo has been modified to accommodate Tatharian gemcore technology. This allows for more efficient energy utilization and serves as a backup power source for the fortress's defensive systems.


In the annals of Rolara's history, few structures command as much awe and intrigue as Zhal'Firith, the Bastion of Echoing Will. Conceived during the Epoch of Miracles, this grand edifice was initially the brainchild of the Dragonborn of Aikibira. Designed to be a fortress of unparalleled might, Zhal'Firith was erected on an island off the misty coast of Aikibira, the lost continent. It was a marvel of Dragonborn ingenuity, a citadel equipped with automated weapons, mobile sentry constructs, and an arcane dynamo—all powered by the Star of Evocation.   However, the Dragonborn, led by their wise King Telmos, foresaw the potential dangers of wielding such immense power. In a decision shrouded in both caution and foresight, they relocated Zhal'Firith to a remote mountain peak thousands of miles away. There it lay dormant, its arcane mechanisms sealed, its grandeur hidden from the world.   Centuries later, the fortress would be rediscovered by two unlikely allies: Balasar, a Dragonborn native to Aikibira but lost to its mists, and Daren Tor, a Tatharian artificer of considerable renown. Together, they reactivated the Star of Evocation, breathing new life into the ancient structure. Under the aegis of the Tatharian Empire, Zhal'Firith underwent significant transformations. Its original Dragonborn architecture was preserved but fortified with Tatharian engineering—reinforced walls, watchtowers, and advanced technological systems.   Today, Zhal'Firith stands as a complex symbol of Rolara's ever-evolving tapestry of power, culture, and innovation. It is a testament to the fluidity of heritage and the complexities of arcane mastery. Controlled by the Tatharian Empire but echoing the ancient wisdom of the Dragonborn, Zhal'Firith remains one of the most impregnable and enigmatic fortresses in all of Rolara—a monument to the past, a bulwark for the present, and a mystery for the future.
Alternative Names
Bastion of Echoing Will
Military base / complex
Owning Organization


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