Deep Dark

The Deep Dark, or Charnagolath, as it was referred to in the Deep Elf tongue, was a place of dark and cavernous mystery below the surface of Rolara.
  It was home darkness dwelling creatures, thought to have been driven to the farthest depths by the wrath of vengeful gods in ancient times. The Deep Elves, who once roamed The Dragon Coast as masters of nature, retreated into Charnagolath when the Stars of Power were extinguished. There, they surrounded themselves with illusory visions of their former home, and became bleak shadows of their former selves. After the Starfinders reignited the Star of Illusion, the Deep Elves seemed to suddenly realize the nature of the illusions that confounded them for centuries and came to their collective senses.
  Myth Shaeras, the largest of the Deep Elf communes, established trade with elven kingdoms on the surface shortly after the Reignition of the Stars.
Alternative Name(s)
Underground / Subterranean
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