Myth Shaeras

This is probably the largest city in the Deep Dark. Deep Elf familial units, called fuma, make up larger units called a tribe. Myth Shaeras has fifteen such fuma.
  Myth Shaeras is a commune without a head of state or other leader.


The many tribes of fuma in Myth Shaeras shared responsiblity for the management of their city, as the Fungal Elves before them did. Grand buildings and structures were grown from magical glowing fungus, and the creatures of Charnagolath were domesticated for work and play. While the deep elves were mesmerized by their own illusions for many centuries, they did trade with the Duergar and other intelligent denizens of the Deep.
  Without any representative leader or head of state, deep elves were allowed to act as they saw fit individually. Their communal upbringing and culture of open and healthy communication built strong fuma and the eldest of each tribe within Myth Shaeras worked together to educate and advise the younger elves. Independently, most deep elves decided to interact with outsiders in a way to protects their commune or furthers its goals whenever possible.
  As a collective, the primary goal of Myth Shaeras and any Deep Elf commune was to ensure open and honest communication. Trust in each other, trust in the fuma or the tribe, and trust in the commune were instilled from a young age. Though most deep elves share this trust, the bond of a commune is stronger than the bond of species, fuma, or tribe.


Magical fungi have been grown and worked into large interconnecting buildings and structures around Myth Shaeras. Natural caves have been expanded and molded by Elf hands to create symmetrical rooms and systems that are haphazardly divided by natural rifts and holes filled with Deep Dark flora and fauna. The result was a mixture of structure and dark nature that pleased the fey nature of the Deep Elf settlers.
  Three underground tributary rivers and sever smaller streams led to the Shining Pool, a pit filled with water that contained in its depths an amount of glowing purple crystals. The Shining Pool provided a central location for deep elves who wanted to explore Charnagolath or trade with others farther away. The route away from the Shining Pool was a single massive river, called the Deep Flow, and it led directly to the Duergar Kingdom of Erdhanzgt.
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Deep Elf City
Large city
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