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Mountain Spirit Trading Company

(山灵贸易公司 - Shān líng màoyì gōngsī) Founded by a lost Tatharian merchant, who left Shamsi-Adad to trade and wander along the Trail of Spiders, the largest and busiest trade route in the world. While he never found his way back, his hard work and luck paid off in the end, since he founded the Mountain Spirit Trading Company. What started as a small merchant cart he hand pulled hundreds of miles through every climate imaginable became an institution of professionalism.


Today, the company is divided into five Divisions. The Merchant Division (商户部 - Shānghù bù) provides all manner of services for member merchants and craftsmen. Security Division (保安处 - Bǎo'ān chù) is a premier guild of adventurers, mercenaries and wandering knights for hire. In the vaults below the headquarters is a complex controlled by the Archaeology Division (考古科 - Kǎogǔ kē) where ancient artifacts and rumors of magic are studied. One section of those same vaults is left alone for the use of the Arts and Culture Division (艺术文化科 - Yìshù wénhuà kē). Though they have ground floor offices, this guild of artists, writers, performers and entertainers has secured this space for lodging; a meager patronage for the starving artists that seek the Company. The Member Resource Division (会员资源司 - Huìyuán zīyuán sī) manages the Company's treasury, inventory, requisitions, and acts as a governing body for the other divisions.


  • MSTC Hexcrawl
  • Iagane
    The Northernmost Continent of Iagane features a hidden colony of Eladrin in a village called Moredge.

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