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House of Sasounyan

In the heart of Tatharia Capitolina, power and wealth manifest in the form of the House of Sasounyan, an illustrious banking family and political powerhouse. At the epicenter of the family's influence stands Armen Sasounyan, a Half-Elf leader known for his keen intellect and magnetic charisma. This half-elf, now at the age of 24 winters, has maintained the legacy passed down from his ancestor, Dikran Sasounyan, a former crusader turned prodigious financier.   Throughout the generations, the House of Sasounyan zealously built enduring connections to the Mercantorum of Tatharia Regnum, as well as the Tatharian Empire. Banking, trade, and resource management have flourished like never before, all under the diligent watch of this esteemed family. In the whispers of allies and rivals alike, the House of Sasounyan is a name synonymous with integrity, tireless work, and unwavering loyalty.   Born in 1502 PE, Armen Sasounyan ascended to the helm of his house at an early age due to the tragic loss of his parents. Under his steady hand, the family's territories and businesses continue to thrive in harmony with their core values. Armen is not only a vision of stability and progress, but also a discerning negotiator whose ties to the Mercantorum of Tatharia Regnum and the Tatharian Empire remain unshakeable.   Yet, beneath the surface of financial prowess and political acumen lies a deep-rooted connection to the supernatural. The House of Sasounyan's enigmatic past intertwines with mystical knowledge and power, a truth Armen Sasounyan never denies. Curious about the occult, Armen watches closely as mysterious events involving the Aermond Royal Family unfold – always ready to navigate his house through unforeseen challenges.   To explore the rich history and enthralling adventures surrounding the House of Sasounyan is to delve into the very essence of Tatharia Capitolina. DMs and players alike would do well to become acquainted with this influential family, whose past and present speak of glory, ambition, and unyielding resilience. As you forge your path in the world of Rolara, remember that at the heart of power stands the House of Sasounyan – an ever-present force shaping the destiny of nations.


The House of Sasounyan, a prominent banking family and political powerhouse, boasts an impressive portfolio of assets and wealth. Their influence extends far beyond the financial realm, deeply rooted in the political landscape of Tatharia Capitolina and the Tatharian Empire.   The family's wealth is not confined to monetary riches. Their assets encompass vast territories, thriving businesses, and a network of influential connections. The family's patriarch, Armen Sasounyan, has demonstrated exceptional acumen in maintaining these assets, ensuring the family's continued prosperity.   Intriguingly, the House of Sasounyan has a profound connection with the supernatural. This connection, coupled with Armen's curiosity about the occult, suggests that the family's assets may also include mystical objects and knowledge. With the recent emergence of magic, it is plausible that the family has begun to amass magical artifacts and resources. However, given the rarity and unpredictability of magic until recently, these assets are likely to be scarce and highly prized.   The House of Sasounyan's mundane wealth is substantial. Their coffers are likely filled with Gold and other precious metals, and their trade ventures bring in a variety of valuable goods. Real estate holdings, including land and properties throughout the Tatharian Empire, contribute to their wealth, providing a steady stream of income.   Perhaps one of their most potent forms of wealth is their political influence. The family's strong ties to the Mercantorum of Tatharia Regnum and the Tatharian Empire allow them to shape policies and decisions to their advantage, further enhancing their wealth and power.   In essence, the wealth of the House of Sasounyan is a diverse blend of tangible assets, such as gold and property, intangible assets like political sway and connections, and a potentially growing collection of magical resources. The precise balance of these assets has likely evolved over the past three years as magic has become more prevalent.
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