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Master Renozi Hillcheeks Fladdersby, II (a.k.a. Mister Ren)

In the labyrinthine corridors of arcane knowledge and financial mastery, few figures loom as large as Renozi Hillcheeks Fladdersby II. A Halfling of Tatharian descent, Renozi is a living testament to the harmonious fusion of numbers and Magic, a financier whose name is whispered in awe and reverence within the marbled halls of the House of Sasounyan. His epithet, "Master of Secret Books," is not merely a title but an embodiment of his life's work—revolutionizing the arcane art of magical accounting.   Born in the bustling metropolis of Tatharia Capitolina, Renozi's life was a tapestry woven with threads of humble beginnings and grand aspirations. His early years were marked by an insatiable curiosity, a trait that would serve as the cornerstone of his later achievements. Apprenticed to a local financier, he quickly ascended the ranks, his keen intellect and innovative spirit catching the eye of Armen Sasounyan, the charismatic leader of the House of Sasounyan.   Renozi's contributions to the House were nothing short of transformative. His mastery over Secret Books—a magical technology that allows for real-time record-keeping—revolutionized the family's financial operations. Yet, even a master has limitations. Despite his unparalleled expertise, Renozi has yet to unlock the ability to extend the functionality of Secret Books across different Planes of Existence—a challenge that has become his latest obsession since his appointment as a mobile banker aboard the spelljamming vessel, the Starpetal.   His attire, a meticulously tailored ensemble of Tatharian silk and enchanted accessories, is a visual echo of his multifaceted persona. Each piece serves both form and function, a harmonious blend of aesthetic and utility. His catchphrase, "In the ledger of life, always account for a little laughter," is a whimsical mantra that punctuates his interactions, lightening the gravitas of financial transactions with a touch of halfling humor.   As Renozi Hillcheeks Fladdersby II navigates the complexities of terrestrial and cosmic finance, he remains a figure of endless fascination—a master of his craft, yet ever the student, forever reaching for the next summit in his ceaseless quest for knowledge and mastery. His story is a living testament to the unyielding spirit of curiosity and the boundless potential of arcane innovation.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Renozi Fladdersby II, the Halfling financier, exudes an air of understated elegance, his compact frame surprisingly fit for a man of ledgers and numbers. Agile fingers, accustomed to the delicate handling of Secret Books, dance gracefully over the pages, a stark contrast to the gnarled walking cane that aids his slight limp—a remnant of an undisclosed affliction. His eyes, sharp and discerning, bear the weight of countless secrets, yet they flicker with an unspoken malaise, as if haunted by the very mysteries he safeguards.

Apparel & Accessories

Renozi Fladdersby II dons a meticulously tailored ensemble that speaks volumes of his affinity for both tradition and innovation. His doublet, woven from the finest Tatharian silk, is a deep emerald hue, embroidered with intricate golden patterns that subtly mimic the arcane symbols found within his Secret Books. A high-collared white shirt peeks out from beneath, its cuffs fastened by ornate cufflinks shaped like miniature scales—symbolic of his Lawful Neutral alignment and his role in balancing the financial fates of many.   Around his waist, a leather belt hosts an array of pouches and scroll cases, each one enchanted for quick access and maximum capacity. These hold various magical and mundane items essential for his work, from enchanted quills to vials of rare ink. A ceremonial dagger, its hilt adorned with a single, flawless gem that matches the color of his eyes, hangs discreetly by his side, more a statement of status than a weapon.   His footwear, soft leather boots with reinforced soles, allows for quiet movement, a feature he finds invaluable in the echoing halls of the House of Sasounyan's financial chambers. Completing the ensemble is a Silver pocket watch, its face etched with the phases of the Moon and its hands moving in a seemingly erratic manner, only to align perfectly when it's time for a significant transaction or event.   Each piece of Renozi's attire is not merely a fashion choice but a calculated element that serves both form and function, a harmonious blend of aesthetic and utility that mirrors the man himself.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the bustling heart of Tatharia Capitolina, Renozi Fladdersby II was cradled in a world of commerce and arcane wonder. The son of a humble scribe and a seamstress, young Renozi displayed an uncanny knack for numbers and a fascination with the mystical from an early age. His parents, recognizing the unique blend of talents in their child, sacrificed much to ensure he received an education that honed both his mathematical and magical aptitudes.   As he matured, Renozi found himself apprenticed to a local financier, where he quickly rose through the ranks due to his innovative approaches to accounting. It was during this period that he first encountered the concept of Secret Books, magical tomes that could communicate across vast distances. Intrigued by their potential, he dedicated himself to mastering this arcane technology, a pursuit that caught the eye of Armen Sasounyan, the patriarch of the premier banking family, the House of Sasounyan.   Renozi's entry into the House was nothing short of meteoric. His implementation of Secret Books revolutionized the family's accounting enterprise, solidifying their monopoly over this magical technology. His reputation as a financial Wizard spread far and wide, drawing the attention of various organizations and even other realms. But it was his alignment with the deity Daeglor and his Lawful Neutral moral philosophy that made him an invaluable asset, ensuring that the House's dealings were not just profitable but also ethically sound.   However, the winds of fate had more in store for Renozi. The House of Sasounyan, ever in pursuit of expanding their financial empire, turned their eyes to the cosmos. They became key investors in the Starpetal, a spelljamming vessel known for its voyages through the astral planes, seeking new markets and magical artifacts. Recognizing the need for a financial overseer who could navigate both the complexities of interplanar commerce and the intricacies of magical accounting, the House had no better candidate than Renozi Fladdersby II.   Thus, Renozi found himself aboard the Starpetal, not just as a financier but as a mobile banker, responsible for real-time transactions across multiple dimensions. His quarters, a blend of an office and a magical sanctum, became the financial hub of the vessel. Here, surrounded by enchanted ledgers and astral charts, Renozi Fladdersby II continues to write new chapters in his extraordinary life, ever accompanied by his catchphrase, "In the ledger of life, always account for a little laughter!"   His role on the Starpetal has elevated him from a master of terrestrial finance to a cosmic banker, a position that comes with its own set of challenges and wonders. Yet, in every transaction, whether it involves mundane Gold or astral gems, Renozi remains the epitome of lawful conduct and financial acumen, a beacon of stability in the ever-changing tapestry of the multiverse.


When considering the cutting edge of magical technology, Fladdersby stands as a paragon of innovation and mastery, particularly in the realm of Secret Books. These arcane tomes, which allow for real-time record-keeping across vast terrestrial distances, have revolutionized the financial operations of the House of Sasounyan. However, even the most adept of masters face limitations, and for Renozi, this constraint manifests in the inability to extend the functionality of Secret Books across different Planes of Existence.   While his role as a mobile banker aboard the spelljamming vessel, the Starpetal, has elevated him to a position of cosmic significance, this new frontier has also presented an unprecedented challenge. The fabric of the multiverse is woven with threads of complex magical laws and cosmic principles, which, as of yet, the technology of Secret Books cannot penetrate. This limitation is not merely a logistical hurdle; it is a puzzle that beckons to be solved, a tantalizing enigma that dances just beyond the reach of current arcane understanding.   Renozi, ever the inquisitive mind, has taken this challenge as a personal quest, delving into ancient scrolls and consulting with interplanar scholars in an attempt to unlock this next level of mastery. Yet, the solution remains elusive, like a whisper lost in the cosmic winds. The inability to update Secret Books across planar boundaries is a humbling reminder that even in a world—or worlds—where the impossible often becomes possible, there are still frontiers to explore, limitations to overcome, and mysteries to unravel.   Thus, as Renozi Hillcheeks Fladdersby II continues his journey both terrestrial and cosmic, this limitation stands as both a challenge and an opportunity—a call to greater mastery in the ever-expanding tapestry of magical technology. It serves as a poignant reminder that even those who stand at the pinnacle of their field have new summits to ascend, new enigmas to decode, and new boundaries to push.
Lawful Neutral
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Quotes & Catchphrases
"In the ledger of life, always account for a little laughter!"
Aligned Organization


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