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The Flamehearted Artisan


Daeglor, also known as the Flamehearted Artisan in the common tongue, was once a revered deity among the dwarves, known by the name Daeglorin in their ancient language. The dwarves revered him as the god of the forge, artifice, and the protective flame. However, since the dwarven civilization's gradual decline, his worship is now primarily upheld by Human followers, particularly those inclined towards the arts of smithing and artifice. He is a passionate and protective deity, known for his covetousness and sometimes callous disregard for those who do not show due respect to the art of creation.  


In the grand scheme of the divine hierarchy, Daeglor is not among the most powerful. However, his influence on the world is substantial, particularly in the realm of artifice. With the Extinguishment of the Stars, an event that led to the near-loss of magical craftsmanship, his relevance has grown. The hero Daren Tor's rediscovery of Daeglor's ancient teachings has sparked a resurgence of artifice in the world.  


Daeglor's followers are those who appreciate the sweat and toil that goes into creation. Blacksmiths, engineers, and artists revere him, but none more so than the artificers. Among his worshippers, the Order of the Sacred Flame is the most devout. This group, mainly composed of artificers, seeks to preserve and advance the art of magical item creation. They are known for their distinctive flame-emblazoned aprons, symbolic of Daeglor's protective flame.   Daeglor is also respected by those who value hard work, ingenuity, and the transformative power of fire. His temples are usually found within the heart of bustling cities, often near blacksmith quarters or prominent foundries.  

Relationship with Mortals

Daeglor is a deity who values deeds over words. He expects his followers to strive for mastery in their craft and show respect to all creations. He has a special appreciation for artificers, who blend magic and craftsmanship, two aspects close to his heart. His protection is said to shield these individuals from the mishaps common to their dangerous craft.   Daeglor is known for his passionate and protective nature. However, he can also be covetous and callous, especially towards those who misuse or disrespect the creations of his followers.  

Domains and Associated Creatures

Beyond the forge and artifice, Daeglor also holds sway over fire and innovation. His symbol is a hammer striking an anvil engulfed in flame. The salamander, a creature of fire and transformation, is often associated with him. Followers of Daeglor believe that these creatures are sacred, and harming them is a grave offense.  

Myths and Legends

Many myths surround Daeglor and his Anvil of Disjunction. One legend tells of a time when the world was overrun with cursed items, causing chaos and suffering. Daeglor, in his wisdom, forged the Anvil of Disjunction and gave it to his followers. With it, they destroyed the cursed items, restoring peace to the world.   Another tale tells of how Daeglor taught the first dwarven smith the secret of working with Mithral. It's believed that Daeglor's favor can still be seen in the unmatched quality of dwarven mithral work.   Despite these tales, the Anvil of Disjunction remains a mythical artifact, its location unknown. Many of Daeglor's followers undertake quests in hopes of discovering this legendary anvil, dreaming of the great works they could unmake and the new creations they could forge in its stead.
Divine Classification
Chaotic Good


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