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Tatharia Regnum

The famous Lugal of Tatharia, called Icaghor, was the absolute ruler of the Tathar Kingdom. He has had many children who have administered the state using his regnal name, causing many to assume that the current Lord Icaghor couldn't possibly be the original. Tanicia, Princess of Tatharia, is one such regent who has served in his stead, with his name and title on the documents she signs. Some mistakenly call her Lugal Icaghor in her own court. This is a feature of Icaghor's rule, not a bug.

Once Icaghor passed away, Naram-sin was crowned the Empress of the new Tatharian Empire by the Chancellor of the Faith, a Dragonborn Paladin of Ketenem.

The Two Ukkin

Tatharia is ruled singly by the Lord Icaghor, and the power he allows his offspring has always been measured and carefully guarded by the Laws. Despite his absolute authority, he is advised by two councils, or Ukkin, in the Old Tathar tongue.  

Ensi Ukkin

The first Ukkin to advise Icaghor is a body composed of the Ensi, or rulers of the various lands Tatharia has conquered, annexed, or receives tribute from. Their communities rely on Icaghor and Tatharia, so their wisdom is much heeded.  

Tamkar Ukkin

The second Ukkin with Lord Icaghor's ear is a non-governmental body of traders, merchants, and wealthy aristocracies. The Tamkar Ukkin has Icaghor's ear even though he despises them; he finds them greedy, demanding, covetous, cruel, and most unsavory. They don't argue those points, but they still strongly oppose any restrictions on their trades and wealth. Their control over the economy is where their power lies. They were formalized into official noble classes in the year 237 TC.   The strata of the Tamkar Ukkin is as follows: The top has the Counts, who were tasked with managing lands near their homesteads, or Counties. The middle featured the Merchant Guild leaders, who were to accurately report guild profits and losses and received public investment from the Ensi.">Lugal. Each guild styled its leaders differently, but each held a similar rank and authority. And at the bottom of the council were the Freemen, free citizens who gained enough support from a Guild Leader or a County and could speak on their behalf.   With this transformation, Icaghor became more influential on the Tamkar Ukkin, but with less contention between them, the Ukkin made several major legislative victories over the last two centuries.


The Laws of Tatharia are divided into three categories, known as Ningsisa (Justice), Kud (Tribute), and Erim (Troops). While it is impossible to list every law, laws of note are displayed below.  


  1. Violence against slaves is permitted as long as no bruise, mark, or scar is left on them (branding is excepted).
  2. Violence against a lower social class is seen as particularly dishonorable and cowardly; those dastardly enough to stoop so low forfeit a limb.
  3. Violence against the upper-class risks banishment or 15 years imprisonment.
  4. Violence against citizens by non-citizens is punished by life imprisonment.
  5. Violence against non-citizens is punished by 10 years imprisonment.
  6. Assaulting a Healer, Scholar, or member of the Upper class can sometimes be punished by death.
  7. Prisoners of particularly heinous or despicable crimes can sometimes face monsters in the Arena, though this has been rare in recent decades.


  1. Each Count or Countess is responsible for gathering tribute from their county and using said gold and grain to provide Protection, Justice, and Health to the citizens.
  2. Merchant Guilds are taxed at 30%
  3. Free citizens are taxed at 50%
  4. Food and wealth are redistributed during hard times, times of war, or monstrous calamities


  1. Troops are taxed and are entirely reimbursed upon retirement.
Tatharian Map of Rolara
This map takes many artistic liberties but does have a good representation of climates in the various regions of the world.
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