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Vek'ktur (/vɛkʼk.tʊr/ Vehk-k'tur)

Masters of Stone and Lore

Sitting in the shadow of towering, otherworldly ruins, enveloped in whispered echoes of an impossibly distant past, and yet facing the twin-lit dawn of a new morning, the Vek'ktur straddle an ageless threshold. These miners turned craftsmen, masters of stone and lore, walk the crumbling edges of time as delicately as a tinkerer might tread a wire, here in their valley by the name Tear of Rolara.   Raised from the dust of the mundane and thrust upon the mantle of custodianship by a serendipitous stir of bedrocks, these are the guardians of Arkeia's Embrace, the hosts of history's marble ghost. Yet, the term 'organization' treads a dubious path; for Vek'ktur is as much an organic entity, a community born of inconvenience. Providentially robbed of their ignorance and presented with a priceless relic species of arcane possibilities, they have crafted for themselves a double-edged sword from the bedrock of their newfound inheritance.   Through stripped-down hierarchies and raw, primal democracy, an almost unfathomable prehistoricism is cultivated amidst the high magic of the Arkeineyan ruins. Each Elder Smith plunges deep into the chiaroscuro of the past, wrenching knowledge darker than the onyx-like veins they traditionally mined.   Vek'ktur, then, stands as the epitome of an uncanny amalgamation: the coupling of the primal with the divine, the mundane with the mystic. In that delicate balance, they search for the past's wisdom while shaping the future's clay. Patient under the gaze of the fear-tinged wonder that washes at them from Rolara's other realms, their saga is nascent. A race caught between a daring stride toward anthropic apotheosis and the dread descent into arrogance-charged doom, the Vek'ktur teeter tantalizingly on the brink of a predestined destiny that curls with the intricacies of life's ever-winding labyrinth.


Analogous to a traditional council, the Vek'ktur in its mystic simplicity pulls away from a singular ruling figure, veering toward distributed power. The fabric of roles and titles, spinning an intricate tapestry of responsibility and duty, shuns the breathlessness of complexity, and yet harbors a profound structure mirrored in the harmony of the two moons that watch over Rolara.   The Elder Smiths, illuminating the top rungs of this ladder forged from the same ore they once mined, are not kings but the collective voice of wisdom, accumulated from centuries of communing with the earth. These are the Shepherds of Memory, reminiscing with the bones of mountains and the veins of the earth, guiding the journey into the past and future.   From them flows leadership into the hands of the Runners, agile mediators who negotiate the winding paths between the Elder Smiths' wisdom and the practical needs of the residents. They are the Roads Between Thoughts, facilitating the flow of ancient knowledge amongst their kin, their feet rooted in the hard earth and eyes star gazing into an ocean of possibility.   Layers peel further into the Steelweavers, those who dare tame the raw magic pulsating in countless Arkeineyan relics lying silent in the ruinscape. Racing on the maddening edge of lunacy and genius, they are the Apex Bards of Lost Arcana, narrating a symphony of ancestral machinations with each glyph brought to dim, sparkling life.   Treadstones then are the heart and soul of Vek'ktur, the folks who thread life into the cold bones of the valley. Nurturing creation in the face of monumentality, they are the Links to the Living. Providing food, cloth, and hearth, they transform an archaic tomb into a living, breathing settlement.   Thus, is the Vek'ktur, a reflection of old-world simplicity dancing with the ethereal capriciousness of lost civilization wisdom. Each string of their subsistence strumming in careful harmony, radiating the heartbeat of a collective that closes its day under the watchful gaze of two, ethereal moons.


Descendants of dust and steel, chosen custodians of a paradoxical inheritance, the people of Vek'ktur steep themselves in a peculiar celebration of dichotomy. In their daily rhythm lies an intricate ballet of reverence and audacity, where ancient wisdom whirls in an eternal dance with unwashed curiosity.   Rooted deeply in their miner ancestry, they exhibit a veneration for the earthy tongue of minerals. The beat of hammers on stone measures the heartbeat of their town; the glittering dance of ores and gems in torchlight, the catching of their collective breath; an affinity for the deep secrets of the earth that scripted their past and shapes their future shared across all, from the humblest Treadstone to the loftiest Elder Smith.   Yet, ever since the waking of Arkeia's Embrace, the Vek'ktur have changed. A strange symbiosis of past and present exploded in their consciousness, painting tradition anew with the vibrant hues of unearthed knowledge. Suddenly, they found themselves the awkward children of two dissonantly harmonious mothers - the raw, proud wisdom of the earth, and the celestial arcana of the Ancients.   It therefore sits in their culture as practically religious dogma to show equal reverence to both; in the jagged lines of an ore vein, they see an echo of the glowing glyphs of the Ancients. The rough hewn walls of their home are adorned with those sacred symbols even as they work the steel of the smithies, whispering ancient incantations alongside hearty, mining chants - honoring both mothers with each beat of their collective hearts.   Thus, they breathe love and respect into tradition even as they stride towards an uncertain future - the sturdy footfall of their miner past echoing in harmony with the awe and trepidation of fresh enlightenment. Embracing with open hearts the celestial crown laid upon their earth-kissed brows, they navigate their duality with grit and reverence, skeptical yet hopeful, instilling in them a profound wisdom that draws close ties between the world that was, and the reality that is, draped under the gaze of their twin moons.


The wealth of the Vek'ktur, much like their identity, straddles the threshold between the tangible and the intangible, the mundane and the mystical. The assets they hold dear are not merely confined to the material, but extend to the rich tapestry of knowledge and cultural heritage that forms the bedrock of their society.   In their coffers lie the tangible symbols of their prosperity. Precious metals and glittering gems, mined from the embrace of Mother Rolara herself, are a testament to their past as miners. But the Vek'ktur recognize that true wealth is not merely confined to these tangible possessions. Instead, they find their true fortune in the wealth of the Arkeineyan ruins that dot the landscape of the Tear of Rolara.   These ancient ruins, with their towering edifices and cryptic glyphs, are the repositories of a priceless heritage. Each stone, each carving, each silent corridor whispers tales of a past civilization, its knowledge and wisdom waiting to be unlocked. The Vek'ktur, their curiosity piqued and their reverence awakened, have taken upon themselves the mantle of custodianship for these relics of the past.   Yet, the greatest asset that the Vek'ktur possess, perhaps, is the wealth of engineering knowledge that they have begun to record. Gleaned from the ruins, this knowledge bridges the chasm between their rustic roots and their Celestial aspirations. It’s the key to unlocking the arcane potential that lies dormant within the Arkeineyan ruins, a treasure trove of possibilities that could reshape their future.   In the hands of the Vek'ktur, this knowledge is not merely preserved, but harnessed. Through their innate wisdom and adaptability, they have begun to utilize this wealth to their advantage, transforming their society and forging a unique path towards progress.   Thus, the Vek'ktur, protectors of the past and pioneers of the future, stand as a testament to the true meaning of wealth. Their assets, a harmonious blend of material wealth, cultural heritage, and intellectual capital, reflect their unique journey and their enduring spirit. Here, under the gaze of the twin moons, they continue to navigate the labyrinth of their destiny, their assets a beacon guiding their path.
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Geopolitical, Town Council
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New Arkeineyans
Vein Walkers, Arkeia's Children
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Neutral Trade Parties

The diplomatic relationship between the merchant paradise of Shamsi-Adad and the politically neutral Vek'ktur is a fascinating study in the interplay of commerce, neutrality, and mutual respect. Shamsi-Adad, with its bustling markets and strategic location, is a hub of trade that attracts merchants from all corners of the world. The Vek'ktur, on the other hand, are a people who have chosen to remain aloof from the political machinations of the world, focusing instead on their spiritual pursuits and the protection of the Tear of Rolara.   The relationship between these two entities is one of mutual benefit. The Vek'ktur, despite their political neutrality, understand the importance of trade and commerce for their survival. They rely on Shamsi-Adad for goods and services that they cannot produce themselves, and in return, they offer unique artifacts and knowledge that are highly valued by the merchants of Shamsi-Adad. This exchange is not just of goods, but also of ideas and culture, leading to a rich tapestry of interaction that benefits both parties.   The Vek'ktur's neutrality is respected by Shamsi-Adad, and there is no attempt to influence or interfere in their affairs. This respect is reciprocated by the Vek'ktur, who see the merchants of Shamsi-Adad as valuable partners rather than political adversaries. This mutual respect forms the bedrock of their relationship, allowing them to interact and trade without the shadow of political intrigue or power plays.

Respectful Neutrality

The diplomatic relationship between the Tatharian Empire and the Vek'ktur of Arkeia's Embrace is a fascinating study in the delicate dance of power, geography, and magic. The Empire, under the rule of the ambitious Empress Naram-Sin, has expansionist goals that stretch across the continents of Eoperax and Ofica. Yet, the Vek'ktur, nestled in the Tear of Rolara, stand as an immovable object in the path of this unstoppable force.   The Vek'ktur, politically neutral and ensconced within the protective embrace of the Aegis of Silence, are essentially unconquerable. The rift valley's landscape, combined with the peace-enforcing magic of the Aegis, creates a natural fortress that no army, no matter how powerful, can breach. This geographical and magical advantage has allowed the Vek'ktur to maintain their neutrality, even in the face of the Empire's expansionist ambitions.   The Empire, for its part, recognizes the futility of any hostile maneuvers against the Vek'ktur. Empress Naram-Sin, a pragmatic and astute ruler, understands that any attempt to conquer the Tear of Rolara would be a fruitless endeavor, likely resulting in significant loss of life and resources with no guarantee of success. As such, the Empire has adopted a policy of cautious respect towards the Vek'ktur, acknowledging their sovereignty and the unique protections afforded by their location and the Aegis.   The Vek'ktur, in turn, maintain a stance of guarded neutrality towards the Empire. While they do not actively seek to engage in the Empire's political machinations, they are not oblivious to the potential threat posed by the Empire's expansionist goals. The Vek'ktur are a pragmatic people, aware of the delicate balance they must maintain to ensure their continued survival and independence.


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