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Kingdom of Jiaohai


The Kingdom is led by the King of Jiaohai, believed to be chosen by the gods to defend the city, protect the people, and destroy evil monsters.


Jiaohai, or 角海, was founded originally when Qin authorized the building of an impressive dam along the Red River. The name 角海 literally means "Horn Sea" and this is in reference to a nearby mountain range that is called the Dragon's Horn Peaks.
Despite the etymology, Jiaohai is very much no longer sits directly upon a resevoir lake, let alone a Sea as the name suggests. The aqueducts that bring water throughout the city are all that remains of the now defunct dam and irrigation system built by the Ancient Jiao.
The name of the kingdom has become synonymous with the entire mythic land of Jiao to outsiders.
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Horn on the Sea
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Mixed economy
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