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Shield of Tathar

The Shield of Tathar is a paramilitary group of highly trained volunteers soliders who are dedicated to defending Tatharian people from Monsters.
  The Shield has three divisions. First Division operate in the Tatharian Empire's Western holdings. Second Division is under the command of Yponavarchos Amara Eurytra and is currently on the frontlines against both Kimokotan and Aleksandr's Draconian Legions. Third Division is based in Ofica, and is largely tasked with exploration and scientific missions.
  Icaghor of Tatharia made the Shield of Tathar the official military of Tatharia Regnum in the year 400 TC, but the organization's history is at least 100 years older than that. His role in its foundation is sometimes challenged, due uncertainty among the populace about Icaghor's age at the time of his death.


In addition to Winged Cavalry units to defend Tatharia Capitolina, the Shield of Tathar has been recently stockpiling advanced weapons thanks to Captain Pocket Strings.
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