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Winged Cavalry

The richest and most advanced nations on Rolara today used winged creatures as mounts for their most advanced military units.   In Tatharia Capitolina, they are famed for their flocks of Pegasus and units of spear and javelin wielding knights. In Jiaohai, their winged cavalry units are equipped with shields and hand crossbows; they are particularly devastating on their Dragonnel steeds. Al-Zaluma is known for two types of winged cavalry units. They have both griffon-mounted soldiers and their elite knights ride on the back of Dragonnes, or liondrakes.   Other winged mounts used in small settlements or tribes include but are not limited to:



Winged cavalry units are very useful and work harder than other units. Quickly moving from place to place, they are incredibly useful for routing fleeing enemies, pincer attacks, and ambushes. In Jiaohai, their mounted archers are accurate, and they use their abilities to control the skies to attack from above. Few military units stand a chance against even a single Jiao winged cavalry squad.



Those chosen to ride winged mounts into battle are typically battle-proven warriors. In Al-Zaluma, griffons are flown into battle by Halfling warriors, due to their small size they make excellent riders.


Historical loyalties

Of all the winged mounts, perhaps the most interesting is the relationship of the Pegasus to Tatharia. The leader of the Pegasus, because they are intelligent, organized creatures, made a treaty with Lugal Icaghor centuries ago. The Pegasus enjoys the benefits of the Healing, and may also enjoy a highly respected status.
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