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Tatharian Army

The Tatharian Army is the empire's primary land-based fighting force, composed of well-trained soldiers, skilled archers, and powerful siege engines. They are responsible for defending the empire's borders, maintaining internal security, and engaging in ground warfare.


The Tatharian Army, under the motto "Vigilance Eternal, Valor Unyielding," has a hierarchical organization structure designed to efficiently command and coordinate its forces. The majority of the leadership is composed of humans or half-humans, though non-humans can also rise through the ranks.  

Positions of Leadership

  1. Supreme Stratarch of the Tatharian Legions – As the highest-ranking commissioned officer, the Supreme Stratarch is responsible for overseeing the entire Tatharian Army, developing military strategies, and ensuring the overall readiness of the troops.
  3. Legion Commanders – Reporting directly to the Supreme Stratarch, Legion Commanders are responsible for leading individual legions, each consisting of several thousand soldiers. They coordinate with other Legion Commanders and maintain discipline and efficiency within their ranks.
  5. Regimental Captains – Each legion is divided into multiple regiments, each led by a Regimental Captain. These officers manage the day-to-day affairs of their regiments, ensuring that their soldiers are well-trained, equipped, and prepared for battle. They report to their respective Legion Commander.
  7. Company Commanders – Regiments are further subdivided into companies, each led by a Company Commander. These officers are responsible for the tactical deployment of their companies during combat and ensuring that their troops follow orders from higher-ranking officers.
  9. Platoon Lieutenants – Each company consists of several platoons, led by Platoon Lieutenants. These junior officers are responsible for the welfare and discipline of their platoon members, as well as carrying out the orders of their Company Commander.
  11. Squad Sergeants – Squads are the smallest organizational units within the Tatharian Army, typically composed of around 10 soldiers. Squad Sergeants, as non-commissioned officers, are responsible for the immediate supervision, training, and combat readiness of their squad members.


All branches of the Tatharian Military require a degree of adaptability to sustain the Empire's growth.  

Adapting the Organizational Structure for Non-human Soldiers

To accommodate non-human soldiers with unique abilities or characteristics, the Tatharian Army has established specialized units within its existing structure. These units, led by officers with experience working alongside diverse species, are designed to maximize the potential of their non-human members. Integration efforts include creating mixed-race squads that leverage the strengths of each species while fostering camaraderie and mutual understanding.  

Changes in Organizational Structure During Times of Need

In times of great need, the Tatharian Army's organizational structure may change or evolve to better address new challenges and threats. This could involve temporarily reassigning soldiers to different units, creating specialized task forces to address specific issues, or streamlining the chain of command to expedite decision-making. The Supreme Stratarch and other high-ranking officers would assess the situation and adapt the army's structure accordingly, always prioritizing the defense and security of the Tatharian Empire.  

Communication and Coordination between Military Branches

To facilitate communication and coordination between different branches of the military, the Tatharian Empire employs a centralized command structure, with the Supreme Stratarch overseeing all military operations. Joint task forces, consisting of members from each branch, are formed to address specific threats or challenges. These task forces foster cross-branch communication, ensuring that the Tatharian military operates as a cohesive and effective fighting force.  

Training Programs and Military Academies

The Tatharian Empire has several prestigious military academies and training programs designed to prepare soldiers for leadership positions. These institutions offer rigorous physical training, tactical education, and lessons in strategy, logistics, and diplomacy. Promising soldiers from all ranks may be selected to attend these academies, with many graduates ascending to high-ranking positions within the Tatharian Army.  

Elite Units and Specialized Forces

The Tatharian Army maintains several elite units and specialized forces to address unique challenges and threats. These units include:  
Arcane Battalion
Comprised of skilled magic-users, the Arcane Battalion supports the Tatharian Army with powerful offensive and defensive spells. They work closely with other units to provide magical support on the battlefield.  
Rapid Response Force
This elite group of highly-mobile soldiers is trained to respond quickly to emerging threats or crises. Equipped with specialized transportation magic and lightweight armor, they can be deployed rapidly to any location within the Tatharian Empire.


In addition to the main forces of the Tatharian Army, there are various specialized and fantastical units, vehicles, and resources, each with a unique name and purpose. These assets and components help the Tatharian Army maintain its dominance on land and protect the Empire.  
  1. Crimson Phalanx - An elite heavy infantry unit, the Crimson Phalanx is renowned for its disciplined formations and impenetrable shield walls, capable of withstanding even the most ferocious enemy onslaughts.
  2. Emerald Sentinels - Tasked with scouting and reconnaissance, these highly-skilled archers and rangers employ stealth and agility to gather valuable intelligence on enemy forces and terrains.
  3. Golden Vanguard - Comprised of skilled warriors and powerful battlemages, the Golden Vanguard serves as the Empire's shock troops, using their combined might to break through enemy lines and spearhead assaults.
  1. Tempest Chariot - A swift and agile war machine pulled by enchanted steeds, the Tempest Chariot is capable of traversing even the most treacherous terrains and delivering its deadly payload of magical projectiles.
  2. Ironclad Juggernaut - A massive, heavily-armored siege engine, the Ironclad Juggernaut is designed to breach enemy fortifications and crush opposing forces under its treads.
  3. Stormwraith Catapult - A powerful and versatile siege weapon, the Stormwraith Catapult employs elemental magic to hurl devastating bolts of lightning, gales of wind, or torrents of water at enemy forces and structures.
  1. Battlemage Corps - An elite group of magic-users who specialize in various forms of combat magic, providing invaluable support to the Tatharian Army in engagements on land.
  2. Warforged Engineers - Skilled in both traditional craftsmanship and magical enchantments, these engineers design and maintain the Tatharian Army's formidable arsenal of vehicles and siege weapons.
  3. Drake Riders - A specialized unit of airborne cavalry, the Drake Riders are trained to ride and fight atop fearsome drakes, providing swift and deadly strikes from above against enemy forces.
  These fantastical assets and components help to expand the capabilities of the Tatharian Army, allowing them to effectively protect the Empire's interests on land.

"Vigilance Eternal, Valor Unyielding"

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