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Tatharian Navy

The Tatharian Navy is responsible for protecting the empire's waterways, securing trade routes, and engaging in naval warfare. It boasts an impressive fleet of warships, ranging from swift patrol vessels to massive galleons outfitted with powerful ballistae and magical defenses.


The Tatharian Navy, guided by the motto "Sailing with Courage, Defending with Pride," has a hierarchical organization structure designed to ensure efficient command and coordination of its naval forces. As with the Tatharian Army, the majority of the naval leadership is composed of humans or half-humans, with non-humans also able to rise through the ranks.  
  1. Admiral of Azure Fleet – As the highest-ranking commissioned officer, the Admiral of Azure Fleet is responsible for overseeing the entire Tatharian Navy, developing naval strategies, and ensuring the overall readiness of the fleet and its crew members.
  3. Fleet Commanders – Reporting directly to the Admiral of Azure Fleet, Fleet Commanders are responsible for leading individual fleets, each consisting of several dozen ships. They coordinate with other Fleet Commanders and maintain discipline and efficiency within their ranks.
  5. Commodores – Each fleet is divided into multiple squadrons, each led by a Commodore. These officers manage the day-to-day affairs of their squadrons, ensuring that their ships and crew members are well-trained, equipped, and prepared for naval engagements. They report to their respective Fleet Commander.
  7. Captains – Captains are responsible for commanding individual ships within a squadron. They oversee the crew, maintain the ship's condition, and ensure that orders from higher-ranking officers are followed.
  9. Lieutenants – Lieutenants serve as second-in-command on ships, assisting the Captain with managing the crew, ship maintenance, and carrying out orders from higher-ranking officers.
  11. Warrant Officers – Warrant Officers are non-commissioned officers responsible for various technical and administrative duties aboard a ship. They report directly to their ship's Captain and Lieutenants, and may lead small teams of enlisted personnel.
  13. Enlisted Sailors – Enlisted sailors make up the majority of the Tatharian Navy's personnel, performing various duties essential to the functioning of the ship, such as navigation, maintenance, combat, and food preparation. They are organized into teams or divisions, each led by a Warrant Officer or higher-ranking officer.


In addition to the main fleet, the Azure Fleet, the Tatharian Navy includes various specialized and fantastical fleets, vessels, and resources, each with a unique name and purpose. These assets and components help the Tatharian Navy maintain its dominance over the seas and protect the Empire.  
  1. Sapphire Vanguard Fleet - This fleet specializes in rapid reconnaissance and hit-and-run tactics, employing swift and agile ships to gather vital intelligence and harass enemy fleets.
  2. Opaline Deepwatch Fleet - Tasked with deep-sea exploration and control, this fleet operates in the darkest depths of the ocean, using magically-enhanced vessels designed to withstand extreme pressure and navigate treacherous underwater terrain.
  3. Amber Stormriders Fleet - Comprised of ships equipped with elemental weaponry and skilled battlemages, this fleet excels at controlling the weather and seas, using their powers to disrupt enemy formations and gain the upper hand in naval engagements.
  1. Eclipsing Wave - A sleek, stealthy ship designed for espionage and covert operations, enhanced with illusion magic to blend seamlessly into its surroundings and avoid detection.
  2. Typhoon's Roar - A heavily-armed warship equipped with an array of devastating magical artillery, capable of unleashing torrents of water, gales of wind, and bolts of lightning upon its foes.
  3. Vigilant Maelstrom - A massive, heavily-armored flagship, serving as the command center for naval operations and boasting an array of powerful defensive enchantments to protect itself and nearby vessels.
  1. Sea Wardens - An elite group of magic-users who specialize in manipulating water, weather, and sea creatures, providing invaluable support to the Tatharian Navy in naval engagements.
  2. Mystic Shipwrights - Renowned shipbuilders who employ both traditional craftsmanship and magical enchantments to create the Tatharian Navy's formidable fleet of ships.
  3. Abyssal Hunters - A specialized unit of underwater combatants, trained to engage and subdue monstrous sea creatures that pose a threat to the Tatharian Empire.
  These fantastical assets and components help to expand the capabilities of the Tatharian Navy, allowing them to effectively protect the Empire's interests across the seas.

"Sailing with Courage, Defending with Pride"

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