Supreme Stratarch of the Tatharian Legions

The Supreme Stratarch of the Tatharian Legions is the highest-ranking officer in the Tatharian Army. This experienced military strategist commands the empire's ground forces, overseeing troop movements, battle tactics, and the overall coordination of the army.
  When addressing the Supreme Stratarch of the Tatharian Legions, a soldier might use the following forms of address:  
  1. "Your Excellency" – This is a formal and respectful way to address the Supreme Stratarch, emphasizing their high rank and authority within the Tatharian Military.
  2. "Supreme Stratarch" – A more direct approach, using the full title, would also be appropriate, especially in situations where formality is required or expected.
  3. "Stratarch [Last Name]" – In less formal settings, a soldier might address the Supreme Stratarch by their title followed by their last name, demonstrating respect while also acknowledging their familiarity or rapport.
  4. "Sir" or "Ma'am" – In some cases, a soldier might use the simple honorifics "Sir" (for a male Supreme Stratarch) or "Ma'am" (for a female Supreme Stratarch) as a way to show respect and deference, particularly during quick exchanges or moments of urgency on the battlefield.
Civic, Military, Commissioned
Form of Address
Your Excellency
Source of Authority
Reports directly to
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