Commander (former) Meera Sharphorn

Meera Sharphorn stood alone on the cliffside, her eyes—each a different hue—reflecting the setting sun. Her towering Minotaur frame, honed by years of military service, seemed almost like a monument to her past. She clutched the chipped insignias of her fallen comrades, the weight of each piece heavy with memories and regret.   Her mind wandered back to her days in the Tatharian Army, a time when she was a symbol of strength and leadership. But even as she climbed the ranks, she had to navigate a labyrinth of systemic prejudices, her Minotaur heritage often reducing her to a mere "monstrous tool of war" in the eyes of her superiors. Yet, she persevered, her skills too undeniable to be ignored. Her promotion to Company Commander had felt like a triumph, a validation of her decades-long struggle.   But that triumph had been short-lived. A single mission, a single decision, had shattered lives and left her drowning in guilt. She had acted on false intelligence, and the price had been devastatingly high. Her brother, her friends, and her own sense of self—all lost. Unable to bear the weight of her actions, she had faked her own death and left it all behind.   Now, years into her self-imposed exile, she found herself still searching for redemption, for a new purpose. She had met Aswang, a fellow wanderer, and together they had embarked on a journey that was as much about self-discovery as it was about exploration. As she looked out over the horizon, her eyes caught the first stars of the evening. For a moment, she allowed herself to believe that perhaps, just perhaps, the night sky held answers, or at least solace.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Meera Sharphorn is a towering Minotaur, standing at 6'2" and weighing 300 pounds, embodying the robust physique of a seasoned warrior. Her eyes exhibit sectorial heterochromia, with one blue and one amber, adding a unique touch to her already imposing presence. No known aids, abnormalities, illnesses, or afflictions mar her physical condition, attesting to her fitness and agility honed through years of military service.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Meera Sharphorn, a Minotaur of the Tatharian Empire, enlisted in the Tatharian Army at the tender age of 16. Driven by an unyielding desire to protect her younger brother and closest companions, she displayed an innate talent for leadership and combat that did not go unnoticed. Her military career was nothing short of meteoric, marked by a series of commendations and rapid promotions that defied the systemic prejudices she faced due to her heritage.   At the age of 34, after 18 years of distinguished service, Sharphorn achieved the rank of Company Commander. Her promotion was not merely a testament to her skill but a groundbreaking moment that shattered long-standing barriers within the Tatharian Army. Yet, her triumph was short-lived. Tasked with her first high-stakes mission as Company Commander, Sharphorn acted on intelligence that later proved to be fatally flawed. The deployment ended in catastrophe, resulting in the loss of her brother, her two closest friends, and four units of the elite Rapid Response Force.   The emotional and psychological toll was insurmountable. Wracked with guilt and unable to face the consequences of her actions, Sharphorn orchestrated her own disappearance, effectively severing her ties with the Tatharian Army and the life she had known. In her self-imposed exile, she crossed paths with Aswang, a wanderer with his own troubled past. United in their quest for redemption, they embarked on a journey that was as much about self-discovery as it was about exploration—a journey that continues to shape the tapestry of Sharphorn's existence.


Meera Sharphorn's military education within the Tatharian Army was both extensive and rigorous, designed to transform recruits into highly skilled soldiers. As a Minotaur, she was initially subjected to specialized training programs tailored to leverage her innate physical abilities. Her curriculum likely included advanced combat techniques, tactical planning, and leadership courses, given her eventual rise to the rank of Company Commander. The Tatharian Army, known for its prestigious military academies, would have provided Sharphorn with a comprehensive education in strategy, logistics, and diplomacy.  

Complex Relationships with Leadership

  Sharphorn's journey through the ranks was not without its challenges, particularly concerning her relationships with the army's leadership. The Tatharian Army, primarily led by humans and half-humans, often harbored prejudices against non-human species. Sharphorn, being a Minotaur, was frequently subjected to these biases. Many in the leadership considered her less a soldier and more a monstrous tool of war, a sentiment that likely influenced her assignments and interactions within the military hierarchy.   Despite these obstacles, Sharphorn's undeniable skill and dedication allowed her to ascend through the ranks, even if her promotions were slower than they might have been for a Human soldier. Her rise to the position of Company Commander was a testament to her capabilities, but it also highlighted the complex dynamics of her relationship with the army's leadership. While her promotion indicated a level of trust and recognition, the tragic outcome of her first mission as Company Commander served to reinforce the biases held against her, albeit posthumously given her faked death.


Tenure in the Tatharian Army

  Meera Sharphorn's military journey began directly within the ranks of the Tatharian Army, bypassing the traditional route through paramilitary organizations like the Shield of Tathar. As a Minotaur, she was initially assigned roles that leveraged her formidable physical prowess. However, her innate leadership qualities and tactical acumen quickly caught the attention of her superiors, propelling her through a series of rapid promotions.  

Hierarchical Dynamics and Leadership Relations

  Navigating the labyrinthine corridors of military power was no small feat for Sharphorn, particularly given the systemic prejudices against non-human species within the Tatharian Army. Yet, her undeniable skill and unwavering dedication could not be ignored. Despite the challenges and biases, she ascended through the ranks, shattering glass ceilings and defying expectations at every turn. Her promotion to Company Commander was not just an acknowledgment of her abilities but a groundbreaking moment that challenged the very fabric of the army's hierarchical dynamics.  

Company Commander and the End of Formal Service

  Sharphorn's elevation to the rank of Company Commander was a pinnacle moment, a definitive endorsement of her leadership capabilities. However, her first mission in this esteemed role ended in tragedy, a catastrophic failure that would forever alter the course of her life. Overwhelmed by guilt and unable to reconcile with the devastating loss, Sharphorn took the drastic step of severing her ties with the Tatharian Army. Orchestrating her own disappearance, she entered a self-imposed exile, marking the end of her formal association with any Tatharian Military entities.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Early Distinctions in the Tatharian Army

  Meera Sharphorn's military career in the Tatharian Army was nothing short of illustrious from its inception. Her physical capabilities as a Minotaur were immediately recognized and utilized in specialized roles. These early assignments not only earned her commendations but also set the stage for a career that would defy expectations and shatter barriers.  

Ascension in the Tatharian Army

  Sharphorn's transition into the more formalized structure of the Tatharian Army was seamless. Her innate skills and prior commendations were immediately acknowledged, expediting her military education. She undertook a variety of roles that showcased her tactical brilliance and leadership acumen, culminating in her promotion to the esteemed rank of Company Commander—a position that came with significant responsibilities and authority.  

Leadership and Tactical Expertise

  In her role as Company Commander, Sharphorn was charged with overseeing complex military operations. Her promotion was not merely a recognition of her skills but a definitive endorsement of her leadership and tactical prowess. She was affirmed as a soldier of exceptional competence, one whose decisions could shape the very course of battles.  

Overcoming Systemic Challenges

  Sharphorn's ascent was not without its hurdles. The Tatharian Army, steeped in tradition and biases, often marginalized non-human species. Yet, Sharphorn's accomplishments were too compelling to be ignored. Her ability to navigate and surmount these systemic prejudices commanded attention and respect, compelling the military leadership to acknowledge her invaluable contributions.  

Legacy and Impact

  Though her formal military service concluded in a self-imposed exile following a tragic mission failure, Sharphorn's achievements should not be eclipsed by this singular event. Her 18-year service, marked by rapid promotions and numerous commendations, leaves an indelible impact on the annals of the Tatharian Army.
Chaotic Neutral
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Company Commander (Former)
Year of Birth
1490 PE 37 Years old
Blue/Amber (sectorial heterochromia)
honey blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Furry legs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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