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Aasimar (/æsɪmɑr/)

Mortals with a Divine Spark

"After the light that filled the room dimmed enough, I saw her. I had seen Mariça raise her sword against the undead hordes before, but this time... This time the light that shone from within her blinded all of us. We were breathless as her wings unfurled; in that moment we knew what she truly was. A gift from Memora." - An Adventurer, upon realizing his party member was an Aasimar
  Aasimar are beings whose souls bear the light of The Mythekah, a divine realm associated with many lawful and good deities. Descended from humans with a divine touch of power from Memora, Aasimar are born with a sacred purpose - to act as champions of the gods. Their births are celebrated as blessed events, marking their unique and mystical heritage. They possess an otherworldly appearance, with luminous features that reveal their celestial lineage. Unlike humans, Aasimar have eyes that are light blue or grey, a sign of their divine heritage.  

Celestial Champions

In the mystical world of Rolara, where magic and divinity coexist, the Aasimar stand out as celestial beings bearing the light of the Mythekah, the divine realm of many lawful and good deities. These blessed beings are descended from humans with a touch of the power of Memora, and their births are hailed as blessed events, a sign of their divine purpose.   As stewards of law and good, Aasimar are placed in the world to act as champions of the gods, embodying the very essence of divine power and purpose. They possess a celestial aura that sets them apart from the rest, their luminous features revealing their otherworldly visages. While their eyes are a telltale sign of their celestial heritage, they possess an air of enigma that adds to their mystique.   From an early age, these celestial beings receive visions and guidance from celestial entities via dreams, intended to shape them into fulfilling their divine purpose. They are destined for greatness and possess a sense of destiny and a desire for righteousness that sets them apart from other beings.   Each Aasimar can count on a specific celestial agent of the gods as a guide, typically a deva - an angel who acts as a messenger to the mortal world. These divine beings are tasked with helping Aasimar navigate their celestial heritage and fulfill their divine purpose.   While Aasimar are hidden wanderers, they have less need to remain incognito in Rolara than in other settings. Still, they must be cautious as many evil creatures, such as cultists and fiends, would relish the chance to destroy a vestige of holy power like an Aasimar. Therefore, a wise Aasimar would endeavor to hide the color of their eyes from particularly knowledgeable fiends or evil-doers, as one who knows the significance of eye color could be dangerous.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

While Aasimar are born with a divine touch of power from Memora, their offspring do not inherit this spark. The blessing of celestial heritage is not passed down genetically, meaning that Aasimar must be chosen by the gods themselves, rather than being born into their role. As such, each Aasimar is unique and chosen for a specific purpose, marking their births as a rare and celebrated event. While their children may inherit their physical traits and abilities, they will not be born with the divine spark that sets Aasimar apart from other beings. This serves to emphasize the exceptional nature of Aasimar and highlights the importance of their celestial heritage.

Growth Rate & Stages

Aasimar may grow at the same rate as humans, but their celestial heritage grants them an extended lifespan. Unlike humans, who typically live up to 80 years, Aasimar can live up to 160 years, giving them an advantage in longevity. This extended lifespan provides Aasimar with a unique perspective on life, allowing them to witness the passage of time and the cyclical nature of the world. It also grants them a greater sense of responsibility, as they must navigate their divine purpose across the span of many years.   Despite their extended lifespan, Aasimar still experience the same stages of life as humans, from childhood to old age. However, their prolonged lives grant them greater wisdom and experience, allowing them to take on more significant roles and responsibilities. They are often sought out as advisors, teachers, and leaders due to their unique perspective and longevity. As they age, Aasimar often become more introspective, reflecting on their lives and purpose, and seeking to make a lasting impact on the world before they pass on. The extended lifespan of Aasimar highlights their importance as celestial beings, marking them as a rare and exceptional race in the world of Rolara.
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