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Eclipsed Hand

In the heart of the Tatharian Empire, where power and secrets intertwine in the dance of governance, there exists an organization unseen, unheard, yet omnipresent. They are the Eclipsed Hand, the silent guardians of the Empire's most clandestine truths. Their emblem, known only to its members, is a hauntingly beautiful representation of their purpose: the twin moons of Rolara, casting their ethereal glow over a hand, symbolizing the reach and influence of the organization, forever under the cover of darkness.   The Eclipsed Hand is a shadow, a whisper in the corridors of power, a chill in the air that speaks of secrets best left unspoken. Comprised of individuals who have proven their loyalty to the Empress, they are the unseen threads that Weave the tapestry of the Empire's narrative. Spies, scholars, mages, and former nobles, each member is a piece of a puzzle, their identities hidden even from each other to maintain the sanctity of their mission.   Their purpose is as profound as it is perilous: to protect the knowledge of the Porta Ultima, the Star of Conjuration, and the settlement of Moredge. This trifecta of secrets forms the backbone of the Empire's unseen strength, a power that, if revealed, could send ripples through the very fabric of Rolara.   In the silent halls of the Eclipsed Hand, information is currency, and secrecy is the law. They manipulate records, erase traces, and spread misinformation, ensuring that the Empire's secrets remain shrouded in mystery. Their influence seeps into every corner of the Empire, from the highest echelons of power to the humblest of settlements.   Yet, their work is not confined to the shadows of the Empire's grand halls. They are the unseen guardians of Moredge, the silent watchers in the night. They weave a web of illusion and misdirection around the settlement, a labyrinth of deception designed to deter the curious and the ambitious. They are the unseen force that guides adventurers away from Moredge, towards other points of interest, their true purpose hidden behind a veil of intrigue and adventure.   The Eclipsed Hand also stands as the Empire's first line of defense against external threats. They employ their vast network of agents and their mastery of Magic to counter any force that dares to threaten the Empire's secrets. They are the silent storm that rages against the tide, the unyielding shield that guards the Empire's most precious secrets.   In the grand scheme of Rolara, the Eclipsed Hand is but a whisper, a fleeting shadow in the annals of history. Yet, their role is as vital as it is invisible. They are the keepers of the Empire's hidden strength, the guardians of its darkest secrets. They are the Eclipsed Hand, forever working under the twin moons of Rolara, their deeds as hidden and as vital as the hand beneath the moonlight.


The Eclipsed Hand, despite its clandestine nature, operates on a well-defined hierarchical structure. This structure ensures that the organization functions smoothly, with clear roles and responsibilities, while maintaining the necessary secrecy and anonymity.  

The Shadowed Empress

At the top of the hierarchy is the Shadowed Empress, a title reserved for Empress Naram-Sin. She is the only one who knows the full extent of the organization and its operations. She provides the strategic direction and makes the key decisions, often through coded messages and intermediaries.  

The Veiled Council

Just below the Shadowed Empress is the Veiled Council, a group of senior operatives who oversee the organization's operations. Each council member is responsible for a specific area, such as intelligence, operations, Magic, or diplomacy. They receive their orders directly from the Shadowed Empress and are the only ones who know of each other's existence within the organization.  

The Moonlight Operatives

These are the field agents of the Eclipsed Hand, carrying out the missions assigned by the Veiled Council. They are the spies, infiltrators, and enforcers of the organization. Each operative works alone and is unaware of the identities of other operatives. They receive their orders through coded messages and leave their reports at prearranged dead drops.  

The Star Scholars

These are the mages and scholars of the Eclipsed Hand, responsible for maintaining the magical defenses, researching the Stars of Power, and providing magical support for the operations. Like the Moonlight Operatives, they work alone and are unaware of the identities of other members.  

The Silent Scribes

These are the record keepers and information managers of the Eclipsed Hand. They maintain the organization's archives, manage the flow of information, and ensure the security of the organization's communications. They work in isolation, their identities and locations kept secret even from the Veiled Council.  

The Hidden Hands

These are the support staff of the Eclipsed Hand, responsible for logistics, supplies, and other support functions. They are often unaware that they are working for the Eclipsed Hand, believing instead that they are serving the Empire in a more conventional capacity.   The structure of the Eclipsed Hand is designed to maintain secrecy and anonymity. Members interact through coded messages, dead drops, and intermediaries, with no direct contact between members. Each member knows only what they need to know to perform their duties, and nothing more. This compartmentalization ensures that even if a member is compromised, the rest of the organization remains secure.   Despite this secrecy, there is a strong sense of unity and purpose within the Eclipsed Hand. Each member knows that they are part of something larger, serving the Empire and the Empress in their own way. This shared purpose, combined with the rigorous training and strict codes of conduct, creates a strong bond of loyalty and camaraderie, even among those who have never met.


The culture of the Eclipsed Hand, deeply rooted in Tathar traditions, has been shaped and refined over the years to meet the unique demands of their clandestine operations. The Tathar influence is evident in the organization's approach to subterfuge, espionage, cryptography, secrecy, and obfuscation.  

Subterfuge and Espionage

The Tathar people are known for their resilience and adaptability, traits that are highly valued in the realms of subterfuge and espionage. The Eclipsed Hand members, primarily of Tathar descent, are trained to blend into their surroundings, adapt to changing circumstances, and use their environment to their advantage. They are skilled in the art of disguise, able to assume multiple identities, and adept at navigating the complex social and political landscapes of Rolara.  


The Tathar's respect for knowledge and learning is reflected in the Eclipsed Hand's emphasis on cryptography. The organization has developed a complex system of codes and ciphers, drawing on Tathar traditions of storytelling and symbolism. These codes are used to communicate orders, report findings, and maintain the secrecy of their operations.  


The Tathar's sense of community and loyalty is mirrored in the Eclipsed Hand's commitment to secrecy. Members are taught to value the collective over the individual, understanding that the success of their mission depends on their ability to keep the organization's secrets. This sense of collective responsibility, ingrained in Tathar culture, reinforces the organization's culture of secrecy.  


The Eclipsed Hand employs obfuscation as a tool to protect the Empire's secrets and misdirect potential threats. This approach is influenced by the Tathar's love for riddles and puzzles, using misdirection and ambiguity to confuse and mislead. This strategy is used in everything from the organization's communications to the design of their operations.

Public Agenda

To the world, this organization is a whisper, a rumor, a shadow that vanishes when confronted by the light of scrutiny. It is this veil of secrecy that forms the cornerstone of the Eclipsed Hand's public agenda, or rather, the deliberate lack thereof.   The Eclipsed Hand operates under the principle of plausible deniability, its members disavowing its existence even as they work tirelessly to further its objectives. This public disavowal serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it protects the members of the Eclipsed Hand, allowing them to operate in the shadows, unseen and unchallenged. Secondly, it safeguards the secrets that the organization is sworn to protect, keeping them hidden from prying eyes and ambitious hands.   Recruitment into the Eclipsed Hand is a process shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Potential recruits are identified and vetted without their knowledge, their skills and loyalty assessed from the shadows. Only when they have proven themselves worthy are they approached, inducted into the organization through a process as secretive as the Eclipsed Hand itself.   At the heart of the Eclipsed Hand's agenda is the protection of the Porta Ultima and the Star of Conjuration. These powerful assets, capable of reshaping the world as we know it, are kept hidden to prevent their misuse. By controlling access to these assets, the Eclipsed Hand ensures that the balance of power remains in the Empire's favor, and that the potential chaos that could be unleashed by these powers is kept at bay.


The Eclipsed Hand's financial resources are as deep as the Empire's vaults, a river of gold and silver flowing silently through the undercurrents of the realm. This wealth, drawn from the Empire's treasury and a network of covert businesses, fuels their operations, greases the palms of informants, and procures the tools of their trade. It is a resource as vital as it is invisible, a hidden tide that shapes the destiny of the Empire.   Their physical assets are scattered like hidden gems throughout the Empire and beyond, a constellation of safe houses, secret bases, and hidden caches. These are the silent fortresses of the Eclipsed Hand, the unseen sanctuaries where plans are hatched, secrets are stored, and operatives find respite. From the bustling heart of Tatharia Capitolina to the farthest reaches of the realm, these assets stand as silent sentinels of the organization's reach.   The Eclipsed Hand's arsenal is as varied as it is formidable. From the finest steel blades to the most potent magical artifacts, their operatives wield the best the Empire can offer. These tools, whether meant for combat or subterfuge, are the extensions of the operatives themselves, honed and crafted to meet the unique demands of their missions.   In the realm of magic, the Eclipsed Hand shines as brightly as the Star of Conjuration itself. Their mages and scholars, armed with arcane knowledge and the power of the Stars, weave spells of protection, illusion, and power. They are the organization's secret weapon, their abilities as potent and mysterious as the magic they wield.   Yet, amidst these vast resources, the Eclipsed Hand's greatest asset is its people. The operatives, loyal and skilled, are the heart of the organization. They are the spies who walk unseen, the mages who weave spells of power, the scholars who unravel the secrets of the Stars. Each one is a thread in the tapestry of the Eclipsed Hand, their skills and loyalty weaving together to form the fabric of the organization.   The Eclipsed Hand's resources, while vast, are not limitless. Each asset they acquire, each operation they undertake, must be balanced against the need for secrecy. Yet, within these constraints, the Eclipsed Hand thrives, their resourcefulness and adaptability as boundless as the night sky under the twin moons of Rolara. They are the unseen force that shapes the destiny of the Empire, their assets as hidden and as vital as the hand beneath the moonlight.


The Eclipsed Hand was born out of necessity during the early years of Naram-Sin's rule. As she consolidated power and dissolved the traditional councils, she realized the need for a covert organization that could operate outside the conventional structures of the Empire. The Eclipsed Hand was formed to protect the Empire's secrets, maintain the balance of power, and ensure the stability of her rule.  

The Early Years

  In its early years, the Eclipsed Hand was a small, tightly-knit group of loyalists handpicked by Naram-Sin herself. They were tasked with suppressing dissent, managing internal threats, and ensuring the loyalty of the nobility. Their operations were primarily within the capital and the court, where they worked from the shadows to maintain the Empress's grip on power.  

The Discovery of the Star of Conjuration

  The discovery of the Star of Conjuration and the subsequent construction of the Porta Ultima marked a turning point for the Eclipsed Hand. Their mission expanded beyond the court and into the realm of arcane secrets and interdimensional gateways. They were tasked with protecting the Star, the Porta Ultima, and the secret settlement of Moredge. This period saw the Eclipsed Hand grow in size and scope, recruiting mages, scholars, and spies to aid in their mission.  

The Expansion Era

  As the Tatharian Empire expanded, so did the reach of the Eclipsed Hand. They infiltrated the newly conquered territories, ensuring the loyalty of the local rulers and suppressing any information about the Empire's secrets. They also began to operate outside the Empire, gathering intelligence and influencing events to the Empire's advantage.  

The Current Era

  Today, the Eclipsed Hand is a vast, shadowy network that spans the entire Tatharian Empire and beyond. They are the unseen force that shapes the destiny of the Empire, protecting its secrets, ensuring its stability, and preserving the balance of power in Rolara. Despite the challenges and changes over the centuries, their mission remains the same: to serve the Empress and the Empire, from the shadows, under the twin moons of Rolara.
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