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Mythology & Lore

Before the Mirajin carved their destiny in the Ebon Mountains, in the ancient times of Eoperax, there existed a Celestial entity, Aella, whose spirit roamed the cosmos. Witnessing the struggles of the early Mirajin against celestial invaders and earthly oppressors, Aella descended upon Rolara, choosing the Ebon Mountains as her earthly abode. She imbued the Mirajin women with her divine essence, granting them unparalleled strength and strategic acumen, thus giving birth to the lineage of warrior queens and the genesis of the Aelladominate.  

The Celestial Pact and the Rise of the Aelladominate

  As the Mirajin flourished under Aella's guidance, a sacred pact was formed between the Deity and the Mirajin. In return for her blessings, the Mirajin vowed to uphold the divine tenets of War, Conquest, Vengeance, and Justice, which Aella personified. This celestial covenant marked the official establishment of the Aelladominate, a theocracy where governance and spiritual leadership intertwined, led by the High Queen, a mortal embodiment of Aella's virtues.  

The Temple of Aella and the Hidden Scrolls

  Deep within the Temple of Aella, hidden scrolls narrate the forgotten history of the Mirajin's celestial origin. These scrolls, accessible only to the highest clergy and the High Queen, contain prophecies and teachings of Aella, guiding the Mirajin in maintaining their divine favor and martial prowess. The temple serves as a conduit between the Mirajin and Aella, where sacred rituals and strategic decisions align with celestial insights.  

The Warqueens and the Divine Trials

  Legend speaks of the Warqueens, chosen leaders who must undergo divine trials to prove their worthiness to Aella. These trials, a blend of martial challenges and spiritual quests, occur under the twin moons of Rolara. Success in these trials not only cements their status as leaders but also ensures continued divine favor for the Mirajin. The trials symbolize the eternal struggle between mortal ambition and divine destiny.  

The Night of Falling Sky and Aella's Prophecy

  A critical event in the Aelladominate mythology is the Night of Falling Sky, a celestial phenomenon interpreted as a sign of Aella's displeasure. High Queen Electra, through her wisdom and communion with Aella, deciphered the event as a call for unity and innovation, leading to significant advancements in civil engineering and military strategies, further solidifying the Mirajin's strength.  

The Sacred Bloodline and the Succession Enigma

  A central myth in Aelladominate lore is the Sacred Bloodline, believed to be directly descended from Aella. The current crisis of succession with High Queen Electra's lack of an heir is seen as a pivotal moment, with prophecies foretelling either a golden era or a time of turmoil, depending on how this challenge is met.
Geopolitical, Theocracy
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Queendom of the Mirajin
Mirajin, Warqueens, Ladomina
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Monarchy, Theocratic
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