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Divine Domains

War, Conquest, Vengeance, Justice

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Aella is typically portrayed as a powerfully built Mirajin woman wielding a spear and a shield, one foot on the chest of fallen enemy.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Aella, venerated as the Celestial Matron and Daughter of the Sky, is a central Deity in the religious tapestry of Rolara, exclusively worshipped by the Mirajin women. Her origin is deeply rooted in the divine and celestial realms, born from the union of Vaelore, the Fallen Goddess of Reason, and the vastness of the sky.  

Divine Birth and Celestial Lineage

The birth of Aella is a narrative of cosmic significance, emerging from the downfall of Vaelore, once a beacon of Logic, Conclusions, and Insight in the celestial domain. Vaelore's descent from grace, following her conflict with Anzu-Dorje, the arbiter of Order, not only led to her banishment from the celestial realms but also to the collapse of Vaelora, her patron city-state. Amidst this celestial upheaval, Aella was conceived, symbolizing a fusion of her mother's intellectual legacy and the infinite possibilities represented by the sky.  

Patronage Exclusively for Women

In the wake of her celestial genesis, Aella became the divine guardian and inspiration solely for Mirajin women. Her influence is profoundly embedded in the matriarchal society of the Mirajin, who reside predominantly in the city-state of Ebonora. The society's theocratic structure, known as the Aelladominate, reveres Aella as the supreme deity. However, unlike typical deities who accept worship from all, Aella's reverence is strictly confined to women; she does not accept offerings or worship from any man, regardless of their devotion or heritage.  

Divine Depiction and Worship

Aella is depicted as a formidable Mirajin woman, an amalgamation of celestial elegance and warrior-like fortitude. Her iconic representations include battle attire, a spear imbued with celestial energy, and an impervious shield, signifying her roles in war and protection. The Temple of Aella, a focal point of her worship, serves not just as a religious site but also as a strategic hub, mirroring her dual significance in martial prowess and wisdom.  

Rituals and Veneration

A distinct facet of Aella's worship is the ritual display of Tatharian General's heads by the Warqueens of the Aelladominate. This act, steeped in political and religious symbolism, is believed to please Aella, signifying the avenging of her celestial mother, Vaelore. This tradition highlights the complex dynamics between the Mirajin and the Tatharian Empire, positioning Aella's worship as a testament to defiance and divine vengeance.
Divine Classification